C is for CODING! Best Coding classes in Hyderabad
|   Jul 01, 2016
C is for CODING! Best Coding classes in Hyderabad

Kidsnowadays are often referred to as ‘digital natives’. Having grown up with the Internet, smartphones, tablets and other gadgets, they’re often extraordinarily adept at interacting with digital technology.As technology dominates our lives, learning basic computer programming isn't just a smart idea, it's an essential skill for grown-ups and children alike. mycity4kids has compiled a list of places that brings out the best in your child to make the next technology revolution. 

Ace Web Academy

Courses offered: various courses to develop apps, Photoshop and animation

Languages taught: C C++, Java, C#

Duration: Various duration courses

Age Group: 7 years and above (the child should be able to understand what is taught in the class)

Address: Plot. No: 124, 2nd floor, Road no 12, Near Municipal Park ,West Marredpally

Ace Web Academy has introduced a complete course in Mobile Application Development with an eye to create professionals from an early age who will be well prepared to conquer mobile technology. The academy entails a comprehensive course replete with all the right qualities so as to provide a sound foundation to students who wish to pursue this as their career. Ace Web Academy provides training in Mobile App Development in both iOS and Android. All the students are well trained to be confident in implementing applications from scratch, using best practice principles. They also help their students to gain insight into new trends and features in the mobile device marketplace, enabling them to acquire new skills and also train them to stay ahead of software updates. If you can’t attend the classroom training, the academy also conducts classes through Skype calls at your convenient time.

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Courses offered:various courses related to coding to developapps

Languages taught: C C++, Java, C#.

Duration:Various duration courses

Age Group: 11 years and above

Address: Various branches across twin cities

NIIT has specific programs designed for school students. They offer a Credit-based Curriculum with enhanced flexibility which covers Core IT skills, Grooming expertise and Cloud Technology. These programs maximize career opportunities by educating students in the diverse fields of Information Technology. This program imparts skills in Android application development including working with graphics, multimedia, connectivity and location-based services.

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Arena Multimedia

Courses offered: various courses related to graphics and webdesigning

Features: Photoshop, Animation, Designing

Duration: Various duration courses

Age Group: 12 years and above

Address: Plot No. 21, Opp. Chandana Brothers Lane, Ameerpet

Arena Multimedia offers updated, career oriented many courses to prepare your child for future career growth in animation, multimedia, gaming and web designing. They have courses related to animation, designing, graphics and Photoshop to help students learn coding and develop app and web designing at later stage.

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Online learning

If you are not able to find a class in a nearby area or the batch timings are not suitable; then you can also learn coding online. There are many websites where you can enroll for free and learn coding. The below mentioned websites are the most user-friendly and provide easy to understand tutorials.

Khan Academy

Courses offered:Programming Basics, Canvas Drawing, Animation

Features: Code Interpreter, Progress Saver, Project, Discussion

Duration: Online Video tutorials

Age Group: Any Age Group

Known for its extensive and challenging math games, Khan Academy also has basic programming tutorials that teach kids how to build graphics, animations, interactive visualizations and more.Although Khan Academy’s courses are not as very structured, it serves as an open playground for both novice and amateurs particularly interested in learning drawing, animation and user interaction with code. It does not preach any specific programming language, but the code pattern it adopts can be applied anywhere, as a majority of languages share the similar programming pattern. You can firstjoin the Programming Basics course to watch and learn basic concepts, then explore the given code after the video tutorial to validate your doubts.

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Courses offered: Programming Basics, Canvas Drawing, Animation, graphics

Features: Code Interpreter, Progress Saver, Project, Discussion, Active Forum

Duration: Online Video tutorials

Age Group: Any Age Group

Designed by MIT students and aimed at children ages 8 to 16, this easy-to-use programming language lets kids build almost anything they can dream. There are no obscure lines of code here. It's more than just a coding guide; it's a vibrant online community of programmers who swap ideas and inspiration.

Before enrolling your child for a coding class, make sure to ask for one or two demo class. This will help your child to decide if he or she is really interested to learn coding or not. Learning to code is something like writing a book. We all love reading books but that doesn’t mean we are good at writing too.

Programming teaches transferable skills such as logical thinking, prioritizing tasks and planning an efficient workflow. Learning how to build simple websites and games helps kids refine their design, logic and problem-solving abilities. Kids tend to develop various skills such as think creatively, reason systematically and work collaboratively. It also allows them to express ideas and creativity in unique ways.

If your child is interested in gaming, animation, etc, encourage them to learn coding. Perhaps something good will come out of all the time your child spends in front of the gadgets.

Hope this list helps you find a coding class for your child. If you know about any other coding classes, please mail at omseema@mycity4kids.com.

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