Cartwheels, Leaps And Flips! Best Places To Learn Gymnastics In Bangalore
|   Mar 18, 2016
Cartwheels, Leaps And Flips! Best Places To Learn Gymnastics In Bangalore

Gymnastics is known as the "mother of all sports" because strengthens your body while preparing it for other sports thanks to its focus on flexibility and balance. For kids of course, the joy of gymnastics is in the tumbling, cartwheels and all the somersaults. If you would like to pursue this sport professionally you can contact the Karnataka Gymnastics Federation, but if you want to learn this fun sport for play, here’s a list of places where your kids can learn gymnastics in Bangalore.

RnR Fit


RnR Fit is an exclusive gymnastic studio offering professional and recreational gymnastics training for kids with classes and curriculum designed to help kids experience a lifetime of fitness. The studio includes state of the art facility with international standard equipment in a 5000 sq. ft. gymnastics academy with qualified gymnasts as trainers.

Ages: 4 years and older

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PlayGym offers a kids gymnastics program with trained instructors, expansive studio and state of the art. Gymnastics classes are offered in an age appropriate manner in multiple batches where younger kids focus of games that help build a strong foundation and older kids work on strength building and floor exercises that will help them learn cartwheeling, handstand, somersault, etc. Some of the equipment that Playgym offers includes balancing beams, bars and high bars.

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The Little Gym


The Little Gym is the world’s premier experiential learning and child physical development centre with more than 300 locations across the world. With two branches in HSR layout and in Whitefield, the institute offers gymnastics programs for every stage of your child’s development—from four months (parent child class) to 12 years. The Little Gym offers a kiddie beams, bars and a soft floor. It follows a unique program structure designed to maximize the benefits of an effective curriculum. All of the programs are divided into themed, multi-week learning units lead to a natural progression of skills for the kids.

Ages: 4 months and older

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While KinderDance is not a pure gymnastics program, it is a fitness program that blends educational concepts with various forms of movement dance and gymnastics. It helps develop motor skills, movement creativity, fitness and body awareness while placing special emphasis on building self-confidence and self-esteem.

Ages: 1.5 years and older

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Kidz Club F3

Kidz Club F3 is a kid’s fitness centre focused on creating a fun fitness movement to build a new generation of healthy & fit children. The centre offers a gymnastics program and has plans to shortly start another program for younger kids.

Ages: 5 years and older

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Power Cuts & Curves

Power Cuts & Curves Gym & Fitness Centre is a gym for adults in RT Nagar that offers gymnastics for kids. The gruelling program that is held 4 times a week is conducted by M. Krishna – an internationally acclaimed and award winner martial arts instructor.

Ages: 4 years and older

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Krshala Dance Theatre

Krshala Dance Theatre is a dance academy located at Koramangala. The institute also offers training classes in gymnastics for kids during the weekends. The institute ensures personal attention to the students by keeping the students to a maximum of 8.

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What does it take to be a gymnast? Read the interview with a 17-year-old Delhi State Women’s Champion here.Do you know of any other places? Please write to us at

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