Coffee & Pregnancy: Is it okay to have a cuppa?
|   Mar 01, 2016
Coffee & Pregnancy: Is it okay to have a cuppa?
During pregnancy, everyone you know is going to advise you about keeping a track of what you are consuming. Most of this advice may almost sound conflicting to each other and this ceaseless flow of unwanted gyaan can get tiresome pretty soon. One of the oft-repeated advice that you may hear is to give up your favourite morning ritual: a cup of steaming coffee. Is coffee good for a would-be-mamma or bad? Here’s a lowdown:
Do I have to completely give up coffee?
No, you can have an odd cup of coffee every now and then. You just have to keep a tab on your caffeine intake & ensure that you don’t consume more than 200mg of caffeine in a day. That’s two mugs of instant coffee or one mug of brewed coffee.
How is coffee/caffeine harmful?
Caffeine constricts the blood vessels in the placenta, even at low levels. This can restrict blood flow through the placenta and reduce the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the foetus. It also increases your blood pressure and heart rate, which is unsafe during pregnancy.

Loss of minerals 
Frequent urination can lead to loss of important minerals like calcium that are vital to the baby’s development. Caffeinated beverages, like coffee and tea, also contain ingredients that make it harder for us to absorb iron.
How to ensure safe consumption?
Caffeine is commonly found in chocolate, tea, colas, and energy drinks. Many herbal products and over the counter medications also include caffeine. Just read the label before you purchase something off the counter.

This post was written by Swati Bhushan, Diet Consultant, Fortis Mamma Mia.

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