Crucial needs of a Pregnant Mom Baby that your Doctor might not tell you!
|   Aug 01, 2017
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Crucial needs of a Pregnant Mom  Baby that your Doctor might not tell you!

Pregnancy - such an important time in the life of a would-be mom. Most of the attention during pregnancy is on the health, nutrition, weight gain and physical well-being of the mother and the baby. But there are a few things that can impact mom and baby's well-being equally if not more, and are not much talked about.

Here're those crucial things that determine emotional and holistic well-being of the mom & the baby -

What mom is thinking:

A pregnant mom’s thoughts have a direct physical connection to her yet to be born baby. Everything a mom thinks is being communicated through the neurohormones to her baby in the utero, just like food, alcohol and nicotine are. So it's imperative that pregnant moms pay as much attention to their thoughts as she does about a healthy balanced diet.

A to-be mum should ask herself, "Are my thoughts healthy?" A simple way to know this is 'if your thoughts generate a good, happy peaceful feeling in you, they're healthy.' If they create stress, panic, worry, jealousy or regret, they're unhealthy and need to be changed. It’s natural to have some of these feelings and wonder if you are making the right decisions. But, do make a conscious effort to think positive thoughts. Some of these are:-

I love myself.

I'm looking forward to bring a new life to the world.

I am going to nurture my baby with unconditional love and care.

I feel happy and capable to do my best.

I am confident to be a good parent.

I'm so joyful about becoming a mom.

The emotions a mom is going through:

During pregnancy, a mom goes through myriad of emotions... joy, surprise, curiosity, fear, apprehension, anger, frustration, agitation... and more.

The hormones fuelled by pregnancy take over mom's body and sometimes her mind. Her environment, mindset and attitude have a lot to do with her emotions, depending upon how favorable or non-favorable it is.

It's not just important but crucial to take care of your emotions. As a pregnant woman, focus on feeling good. Start with self-love. Accept yourself the way you are! Do things you love, indulge into hobbies which bring you joy, whether it's music, art or reading. Keep yourself engaged in healthy relationships, happy activities and surround yourself with positivity. Keep your environment clean, happy and joyful.


Parent's anxiety:

Early jitters and anxious moments are common to every to-be parent. They might come and go. These might be in form of thoughts like:

"I am not good enough to take care of the baby."

"Will my baby be healthy?"

"Will I be a good parent?"

"Am I doing the right thing?"

One of the techniques to get rid of negative beliefs and stressful thoughts is visualization as I've explained below.


Creative Visualisation: If your environment and circumstances are not conducive and supportive for you to feel absolutely amazing and happy during pregnancy, you can still do this.

Take 10-20 min out every morning and before bedtime to imagine in your mind's eyes.

See yourself being completely relaxed.

See your baby in your womb, growing, smiling, and healthy.

Blood pumping in your baby and ensuring rigor and vitality.

Imagine a comfortable, easy birth of your healthy baby.

See yourself feeling blissful holding your baby.

See yourself being happy and healthy, taking care of your baby in the best possible way.

See a smile on your face and your baby's too.


Knowing that your inner world influences your baby, might be scary but isn't it true that once you know, you can start feeding loving energy to yourself and your baby through happy thoughts & emotions. The more you love yourself, feel good about yourself and your baby and general in life, the more you ensure physically and emotionally healthy baby and you.

Disclaimer: (The views, opinions and recommendations expressed in this article are solely those of the author and intended as an educational aid. Please consult your doctor for professional advice concerning specific health/medical matters.)

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