Dealing with dietary cravings during pregnancy
|   Jan 21, 2016
Dealing with dietary cravings during pregnancy

Hormones going haywire during pregnancy is a tale oft-repeated, but what generally catches expecting mothers off-guard is the longing for some foods and absolute aversion to others. PICA is mostly seen during this phase in which there is hunger for clay, starch etc. Mainly, it has been seen that GDM’s have cravings for sweets. These pregnant ladies should consult their respective dieticians for their solutions for eg. eating fruit can be a solution for such pregnant ladies.

Aversion to non-vegetarian food is understandable. In such cases, milk and milk products, mixed pulses can serve as protein source for you. If required, protein supplement can also be recommended under their respective gynaecologist’s supervision.

Research done by Farland LV, Rifas-Shiman SL, Gillman MW., concluded that new cravings in the first trimester of pregnancy were associated with dietary intake. Craving salty foods may predict reduced risk of developing GDM, whereas craving sweet food does not appear to alter one’s risk.


Study done by Hill AJ,  McCance DR., concluded that cravings occur commonly in pregnancy and those women who craved foods had a higher mean energy intake and gained more weight throughout pregnancy than those who did not crave foods. This study was supported by a grant from Sugar Nutrition UK.

As an expecting mother, you aim should be to eat a balanced diet find healthy options for specific food cravings / food aversions with the help of your dietician.  Here are some simple tricks to cater to regular cravings during pregnancy:

Use hung curd dressings on salads, sprout salads or fruit platter.

Avoid carbonated beverages. Choose fresh lemon water, soup or fresh fruit juice for sugar kick.

Go for traditional, homemade sweets like rice kheer, sevian kheer, sooji kheer.

By Sonali Saxena, Diet Consultant, Fortis La Femme, GK2, New Delhi

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