Developmental Milestones of 2-6 year olds
|   Apr 27, 2017
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Developmental Milestones of 2-6 year olds

The age group between 2-6 years is a period of rapid physical and intellectual growth in kids. During this time there is a lot of enhancement in their skills and abilities. An understanding of the intellectual/ cognitive milestones, the child should reach between 2 and 6 years of age, helps the parents in analysing any possible issues and also lets them know if the child is on track.

Let’s have a look at some of these skills.


Children around this age group indulge a lot in pretend play, using their toys/utensils to build up games and stories. For example, hosting a tea party and using their stuffed toys as guests and serving imaginary snacks. They also enact their favourite superheroes jumping from one couch to the other and much more. They get very deeply involved in their own world.


Sorting and Counting

Sorting and counting are 2 intellectual milestones which form the basis of future success in maths topics. By this time the child should be able to sort his toys/things on various criteria such as colour , shape, size and weight, etc. He should also be able to count till 10 by 3 years of age and learn tables till 5 by 6 years of age.


Artistic Pursuits

Children around 3 years of age are likely to doodle and knowing exactly what it is. By 6 years of age, they are able to use safety scissors, copy shapes, write letters and colour neatly.



They at this age they may not be able to tell exact time by looking at the clock but will be able to recognise and tell whether its morning, evening or night. They can also figure out time for lunch, taking a nap, reading a story, etc.


Language Acquisition

During this time, children are able to understand and reproduce languages. Moreover, their vocabulary will be enhanced and their words will be easily understood by those around them. They are able to speak complete sentences and ask and respond to questions.


All these skills and milestones can only be achieved on time if a child is having a nutritionally balanced diet. The parents must ensure that their child is getting all the important nutrients as per his/her age group. But what should be the nutrients on which the parents should lay focus?


During this time, a daily intake of 700mg of calcium, 7mg iron, 80 mg magnesium, 3000 mg potassium, 1000 IU vitamin A, 15 mg vitamin C, 600 IU vitamin D, 9 IU vitamin E and 3 mg zinc is mandatory for growth and development. Apart from this focus should also be laid on essential fatty acids as they help in healthy functioning of the brain. But in today's hectic lifestyle and the fact that toddlers are fussy eaters, it is not possible to lay emphasis on all these nutrients. As a result, the role of supplementation comes into play. By supplementation we mean to add micronutrients to food to make it more nutritious.


Though supplementation can be done in many ways like using fortified atta, fortified breakfast cereals, etc. But the most effective and hassle free way is the use of health drinks to fortify milk. It not only completes the daily nutritional requirement but is also tasty and easy to consume. Moreover, no special preparation is required, therefore, its preparation is time saving for the parents as well.


As parents we want the best for our child and Enfagrow A+ is one such brand to rely upon. I have personally tried it and would recommend it to others too. It not only offers superior nutrition for the brain but also helps in the overall growth and development of the body. Try it and you will yourself feel the difference.

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