Diwali Without Weight Gain
|   Nov 04, 2015
Diwali Without Weight Gain

Diwali is associated with heavy foods and lots of sweets, visiting friends and a great amount of parties. You may have taken a “holiday” from your weight control regime. Or you may decide that health is NOT a trade-off for the festivities. Here are some smart ways of keeping your promises to yourself.

Sparkle as bright as the sparklers this Diwali, with these smart health tips:

 Entertaining ideas that keep health within perspective

diwali decor

Fresh lime juice infused with dash of natural fruit for taste and color – Black grapes / Pomegranate/ Kiwi. Goes for a brighter display of drinks than the usual amber

- Iced Green Teas with natural flavours of mint / orange / sweetlime. Stand out as the perfect host with these different flavours

- Rose Chaas / Kesar Buttermilk. More colourful and festive

- Chocolate coated nuts / Herb tossed roasted peanuts. Your guests will remember the diwali treats for a long time to come

- Steamed dhoklas / Boiled Chana Chaat. Healthier options to the regular farsaan, and makes for great display ideas

- Low-fat hummus with cream cracker biscuits. Go Mediterranean in style for Diwali

- Whole wheat soup sticks in low fat yoghurt dip. Mix hung curds or Greek Yoghurt with garlic paste and whatever herbs you have for a different taste

- Bruschetta prepared with whole wheat garlic bread and your favorite healthy toppings. Why not really go International in your food


And, when you go out instead, some smart tips so you party hard- within your boundaries

- If your host is offering a big spread to choose from, opt for low oil over low sugar…Fried papad over mithai for instance- Never Say NO to anything, let it be served and say thank you with a smile ;). And take small helpings

- If you are lucky to have the choice of baked and non-creamy/ greasy, then your day is made

- If one of the foods is an all time favorite, then enjoy it without feeling guilty. Just don’t load your plate with the second favourite, or the third…

- Your drink affects more than your nibbles, you’d rather skip that with an excuse and choose plain water.

- TOP TIP- Eat slow, a good host will always treat and empty plate with a refill.

- Like Scarlette O’Hara, have a soup or a meal before you head out for a party. Never go out hungry for a diwali party.

Smart gift ideas which combine style with health for your loved ones


- Dry fruits / Nuts instead of Sugary mithais

- Chocolate coated nuts instead Dry fruit mithais

- Exotic Organic Green teas instead of Sweet Syrups / Sherbats

- Crystal Tea Set instead of Wine Glasses

- Dark high cocoa chocolates instead of Gulab Jamuns

- Low fat paneer sweets replace the Ras Gullas easily

- Infused water filters / bottles instead of whiskey tumbler sets

Festivals mean gearing up for shopping, new clothes, diyas, decorations, exciting gifts. Celebrate the love, joy and togetherness with the minimum damage to your health in the bargain. Diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, acidity and so many other medical issues are not just limited to the older age groups anymore. Choose to eat healthy and gift healthy this Diwali, your gift language speaks volumes about your well wishes for your loved ones. Staying healthy and beautiful is simply a routine….we wish you and your family and Happy, Healthy and Prosperous Diwali.

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