Do you have the kids’ Monsoon PLAYlist ready?
|   Sep 05, 2016
Do you have the kids’ Monsoon PLAYlist ready?

After the scorching heat, everyone waits for showers to make the weather more bearable. For most of us, the monsoon season is all about sitting under the porch sipping hot tea with some mouth-watering snacks and enjoying the retro music of the raindrops. This is everyone’s perfect scene as the rains hit the city!

But, what about the kids? They want to run out and get wet in the rains or just want to enjoy this beautiful weather too.

However, for some parents it can put a damper on your plans to go out with your child. Don’t worry; mycity4kids has got you covered under its umbrella of just the right things to do in your city when it pours. So put on the gum boots, wear the raincoat, catch that umbrella & get ready for some monsoon fun!

Let it Rain! 10 Fun Things to do in Hyderabad this Monsoon

From enjoying rains, to exploring a new swish mall or tugging at the sofa with awesome line-up of movies and indulging in some DIY fun, we bring to you all of them. Happy Monsoon, did we say?

Play Safe! Indoor Play Areas For Tiny Tots in Hyderabad

If you are the stay-dry types, these indoor play areas for toddlers in Hyderabad are perfect to enjoy a rainy day while letting them play, run around and also develop imaginative play and exercise key skills such as independence, creativity, curiosity and problem solving.

Create a Sweet Memory-Best Pastry Shops in Hyderabad

It’s raining outside and that feeling of stepping into a patisserie that is laced with the aroma of freshly baked goods and all things sweet - blissful. What could be a sweeter monsoon moment for you and your child than sharing a cozy chit chat over their favorite dessert? Indulge your little ones at some of the best dessert shops in Hyderabad.

Introduce Your Child to the World of Art! Best Museums in Hyderabad

Many museums offer fantastic activities and workshops specially designed to engage enquiring young minds. Here’s our list of top must see child friendly museums in your city where, you never know, the moms and dads might learn something new too!

Put Down The Kindle And Pick Up A Book! Top Kids Bookstores In Hyderabad

If your kids have a particular weakness for reading and love the smell of new books, then spend a rainy day getting lost in the stacks. So, what are you waiting for? Get reading!

Eating Out With Kids Has Never Been So Easy! Best Family Friendly Restaurants in the city

Food and rains have a great connection! Enjoy a fun family meal at the best family restaurants in Hyderabad which are entertaining and child-friendly.

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