Doctor Ice Cream- Prescribing Medicine for This Summer
|   Jun 02, 2017
Doctor Ice Cream- Prescribing Medicine for This Summer

Concept- Think of all things “doctor” and you’ll find them at Doctor Ice Cream. Prescriptions in place of menus, medicines/medical problems humorously replacing ice cream names and staff dressed like medical practitioners and compounders - this place aims to solve all your cravings and addictions with the sweetest solution of them all - ice cream!

Speciality- For the first time, no stress involved when visiting a place associated with doctors. Doctor Ice Cream is a medicinal / hospital / clinic themed ice cream parlour that serves a wide range of ice creams (about 20 different flavours). They are all topped with “injections” of melted chocolate or caramel sauce and / or “tablets” of various flavours like almond, cashew, gems, jujubes, oreo, etc.

Innovative names- There’s something here for everyone - from ranges of chocolate ice cream to the fruit and nut ones for the non-chocolate preferring customers. You have the choice to order single scoops or sundaes / mixes of different flavours to create your own eclectic mixes. Names of the ice creams include diabetic, hyderabadi fever, heart attack, sun stroke, love failure, fractured bones, etc.

This one might be too much to handle - Amongst it’s other specialities, you might be tempted to try the Biryani flavoured ice cream available here. However, it has an extremely pungent taste, and has a strong flavour of ginger in the ice cream, which most taste buds will find very difficult to handle. Other strong but palatable flavours include tamarind, guava, raw mango, etc.

Indulge without the fear of falling ill, as this doctor will cure you with utmost deliciousness!

Location 1: 373, Road Number 10, Jawahar Colony, Jubilee Hills

Timings: 12:00pm – 1:00am

Good for: Age no bar!

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