E-Learning – The New Age Smart Learning Solution
|   Jul 14, 2017
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E-Learning – The New Age Smart Learning Solution

Little three year old Gurman was ‘busy’ tapping, typing, swiping and clicking randomly on the smart phone screen. Completely oblivious of her surroundings, she chuckled, giggled and gurgled, savouring the sights and sounds of the virtual world. “Time for food, sweetheart”, announced the young mother and gently took the phone away. What do I see? All hell broke loose!! No amount of cajoling could bring the child round. The tantrums rather grew tougher to handle. “Play her favourite Pokemon or Chota Bheem on the phone”, suggested the elder sibling. And lo! All howling stopped and food was gobbled up in complete calm.

Such bizarre gadget addiction at such a tender age!!” I wondered. Happy and content at the child being fed, the mother left. But I was left flummoxed. Being an educationist, my thoughts naturally shifted to the future of the next generation’s education in today’s challenging environment- education that demands discipline, focus, commitment, concentration, goal-setting et al. “How will this generation hooked to gadgets cope with those challenges? Could there be a pedagogic solution with a futuristic vision? What if this ‘addiction’ could be meaningfully turned into ‘benediction’?”

And I’m glad I’ve found my answer. Welcome to the world of E-Learning – the world of Smart Apps for Smart Learning. E-learning is a unique, new age learning system where learners use Android phones and tablets to construct their own knowledge and learn classroom concepts in a truly immersive, multi-sensory and meaningful manner through games, simulations, visual experiments and interactive exercises. It is a system that is almost always with you which means you can learn anywhere, at your own pace, just about anything.

Interesting! Isn’t it! So at last there is a ‘gaming’ way to feed the gadget hooked new age generation, the way it wants to be fed!!

We all know that learning by rote is passé. There has been a pedagogical paradigm shift in education. Education in today’s radically changing world ought to be an engaging experience - something that is pleasant as well as meaningful. The student needs to reflect and act, rationalize and react, explore and innovate, analyse and evaluate, and deduce and extrapolate. However, the big question is, is it possible in a classroom packed with forty plus students? Certainly not.

Despite the teacher’s best intentions, despite the advent of smart class rooms, quality education in India remains a distant dream. What with skewed teacher-student ratios and heavy curriculum, individual attention remains a far cry, concepts blurred and true potential unexploited. Add to this, students with varying learning abilities and paucity of competent and dedicated teachers who can inspire children during the learning process. Now where does that leave the students? Nonplussed! Unsatiated! Neglected! This is more true when it comes to cracking Mathematics and Science- subjects that require conceptual clarity and abundant practice to gain mastery. How they wish they had a magic wand or a genie to take care of their demanding educational needs!!

Students, shed your worries. Let Maths and Science or for that matter your educational goals no more give you nightmares. With a bundle of smart learning apps available, you have a strong, state-of-the-art support system to bridge the wedge between requirement and fulfilment. In this context, the following quote by Confucius could not be more apt:

I hear and I forget

I see and I remember

I do and I understand

because these apps combine superior pedagogy with the power of mobile devices to fruitfully engage students and enable true “learning by doing”, which is not possible in a regimented school schedule.

There is no denying the fact that today’s students more or less remain passive listeners – be it all time ‘Chalk and Talk’ method or today’s Smart Classrooms. To quote Mark Van Doren, “The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovering”, and E-Learning aims to achieve exactly that. Along with re-inforcing what has been learnt in the classroom, it offers the added benefit of learning at your own pace.

However one must exercise caution before one chooses an App. There is no dearth of players promising pupil-friendly modules & customised content. But in order to draw optimum benefit one must ensure that the chosen App offers: 

  • Personal, one-on-one learning environment.
  • Self-paced learning-anytime; anywhere.
  • 100% hands – on and learner led content.
  • Helps learn and brush up concepts in an interesting and informed way.
  • Great sensory experience where children touch, feel, see, listen and most importantly ‘do’ various experiments on their devices making their learning more interactive.
  • Space for self doing and also step – by step instructions for completing a task. Especially in Maths.

And lastly,

  • Abundant scope to review and re-inforce, and test what has been learnt.

Before I sign off, I would like to rest assure all the stakeholders – parents and their wards - stop having nightmares about your ward’s education  because smart help is just a tap away, and that too in a customised, meaningful way. So

Forget Tension

Enhance Learning and Retention

Switch to E-Education

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