En Pointe! Top Ballet Classes In Hyderabad
|   Jan 27, 2016
En Pointe! Top Ballet Classes In Hyderabad

Does your child love to dance? Do they start to move just listening to music? Maybe it’s time they joined ballet classes.

Usually, ballet lessons bring to mind a vivid picture of tiptoes, tutus and twirling. Ballet dance is a type of performance dance form which originated in the Italian Renaissance courts of the 15th century and was further developed in France and Russia as a concert dance form. These are choreographed and performed by trained artists, include mime and acting. It is a poised style of dance that incorporates the foundation techniques for many other dance forms. The broad classification includes – Classical Ballet, Neoclassical Ballet and Contemporary ballet.

What is the best age to start learning Ballet?

Many people argue that starting ballet classes at an early age will produce the best results for long-term success. The big question however is actually, “how young is too young?”

One of the best ways to support this interest is to enrol the child in a pre-ballet class. Many dance schools offer pre-ballet classes for children over the age of three. Here, the child will be introduced to a world of rhythm and excitement in a loosely structured environment. The regular activity will give them a sense of routine that will be helpful in future years when they start full time classes.

The majority of children begin ballet classes between the ages of four and eight. At this age the child is better able to concentrate and will be able to learn effectively. This is usually the best age to work on the child’s posture and to begin to introduce the standard ballet positions.

What are the benefits of ballet?

Learning ballet will improve the child’s concentration, focus and discipline. As with most other physical activities and sports, dance lessons will foster a healthy lifestyle and attitude that will assist the child throughout their life.

Ballet classes also give children the opportunity to perform in public and in front of their peers. It is extremely beneficial for a child to become accustomed to this from a young age. The classes will serve them well during the rest of their childhood and teenage years and will also expose the child to a whole new world of music, history and imagination.

The city has a few dance schools that have dedicated ballet classes conducted by well trained dance experts. Do personally visit the studio to zero in the class you intend to sign up for. This list of dance studios in Hyderabad that conduct ballet classes for kids is curated especially to help the parents in the city.


Steps Dance Studio

Where:8-2-675/1/B, Plot No.16,

Road No 13 , Banjara Hills, (Opp. Staff Entry of Taj Banjara Hotel

This Studio offers dance classes for all age groups in Jazz Ballet and Classical Ballet.

Prithviraj who is the artistic director of this studio has been trained from Ms. Heather Macneil in ballet and jazz, classical ballet from Ms. Ann tonner, and modern dance from Mr. Prassanna.He has performed and choreographed various stage performances. He has Graduated  from Broadway dance centre New York City and also attended intermediate and advanced level classes with Avin Ailey American Dance Theatre, New York, Steps on broadway, New York and Pineapple Dance Studio London.

They take classes for Classical Ballet and Jazz Ballet

Classical ballet- Age group 6 years onwards

Jazz Ballet- Age group: 8 years onwards

For more details, please click here.

Dance Mania

Where: Branches in Sindhi Colony, Himayat Nagar and East Marredpally

Here, kids will be given basic beginner knowledge about various ballet positions and rhythm. They will be introduced to the beginner level ballet positions and poses. Also they will also be introduced to the French names and terms of the ballet positions and techniques.

For more details, please click here.

If you come across any other studios that conduct ballet classes apart from these then do mail and let us know.

Here’s a little inspiration for the parents and the little ballerinas who will soon be practicing hard to perfect their ‘plies’ -" The essence of all art is to have pleasure in giving pleasure." ~ Mikhail Baryshnikov.

Watch your little beauties swaying to the tunes of Ballet as you drop them to their classes, obviously reminded by the Family Organizer App by mycity4kids.com which never lets you forget a thing.

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