Ever Noticed Knock Knees In Your Child?
|   Oct 26, 2016
Ever Noticed Knock Knees In Your Child?

Knees which knock against each other are termed as ‘knock knees’.

What exactly ‘Knock’ means? Knees that touch each other – But usually do they?

Yes to some extent, but when a person stands straight and one observes him / her you shall see that the ankles touch each other and the knees don't.

In knock knees, the knees will be touch each other or knock against each other. When a child is growing, initially there may be some percentage of knock knees happening as it is a developmental pattern, but if it persists even later after 2-3 years of child's birth then it is surely a matter of concern.

Knock knees can be corrected both via surgery when bones are involved, and conservatively when the muscles are involved. There are muscle strengthening and stretching exercises which can be given to the child to recover him from knock knees.

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