Father - Son Duo’s Viral Dance Videos Show How to Make Learning Fun in the Best Way!
|   Jun 12, 2017
Father - Son Duo’s Viral Dance Videos Show How to Make Learning Fun in the Best Way!

With Father’s Day round the corner, we bring you this heartwarming story of a rocking father and son duo who are nailing it on Instagram with fun videos of their dance routines in matching outfits as the kid learns the A,B,C’S and numbers while they move and groove. 

No, we’re not kidding about this one! Stanley Freeland and his son, Josiah, based in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. get innovative every single day with the hope of inspiring other fathers around the world to bond better with their children, and build stronger relationships with them. 

Accolades for their imagination are flowing in from around the world as they’ve become an internet sensation for their dance videos in which they are both wearing matching outfits through their Instagram account @father_like_sonent2404 that has tons of videos showcasing their fire moves to hip-hop and trap music. 

Freeland is of the opinion that father and son videos showcasing them doing fun activities together bring much joy and peace in the world today and that is much needed in these troubled times. He advocates the idea that all fathers need to build strong bonds with their kids and the best way to do that is to indulge in creativity together. 

Freeland also said that what inspired him to do the dance videos is seeing his son happy while he dances and how he looks up to him when he dances. 

And what’s more - there’s an educational lesson included in most of the dance videos. The father-son duo has re - created the "The ABC Song," a mash-up of trap music and recitation of the ABCs—learning made easy! They’ve also made other videos in which counting and the multiplication tables are sung to the tunes of rap music. 

Check out this video of them doing the A-B-C rap, and here’s a warning - you may not be able to stop humming it all day! 

Courtesy: Stanley Freeland on YouTube 

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