Food for Height and Weight Gain
|   Jul 06, 2017
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Food for Height and Weight Gain

The early years are the years for rapid growth for a toddler. Growth milestones should be set at this stage itself, as growth before 6 years is an important phase for a child and his/her future health. Growth directly depends on the kind of nutrition the child takes during these years.

Growth of a baby should be complete in all terms, healthy weight gain, perfect height gain, proper and timely brain development and a strong immunity. Start early to achieve these growth milestones. Right growth starts with a tailor-made nutrition and a healthy diet for children which contains all nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, balanced fat, vitamins and minerals and other micro-nutrients like DHA and essential fats.

Most of the new mothers are confused as they read so much on internet to know about a healthy diet for children. Every parent wants their kids to grow tall and have a balanced weight. This can only happen when there are healthy eating habits which helps in growing your child tall and weigh healthy.

Few of the healthy foods for toddlers which helps them in growing height and gaining weight are listed below:



Milk is the richest source of calcium which helps in the growth and development of bones as well as for strength. Milk is also rich in protein which plays an important role in increasing the child’s height.            


Preschooler nutrition should have high protein in the diet and eggs are one of the richest sources of protein. They help in increasing height and weight both. It is a most healthy option for the bone development. The white part of the egg is higher in protein which helps in increasing the height and the yolk of the egg has loads of cholesterol which helps in gaining weight.    


Oats are another high protein food, and are really good for height growth in children. Oats also add muscle mass to the body which helps in increasing the height. Children can be given oats in the form of a porridge.               


Spinach is the healthiest green leafy vegetable which helps in improving the height. It aids brain development and other general functioning of the body. It also helps in the growth of the bones and increases muscle mass which helps in improving the height and weight.             


Banana is the best fruit which helps in gaining weight. It not only helps in weight gain but also helps in increasing the height. It contains many nutrients like potassium, manganese, Vitamin C, Vitamin B3 and dietary fibre. They all helps in the growth of the children. Immunity for toddlers is important and bananas are also good in boosting the immunity of a child. 

Desi Ghee (Clarified Butter)

Desi Ghee is one of the best food source for weight gain in babies. You can start introducing ghee in your baby’s food after 8 months. You can also start with adding few drops of ghee while preparing khichdi for your child and increasing the quantity as per the requirement. As fat content in ghee is really high so be moderate in its usage. You can make ghee from milk at home also. Just add a little amount of ghee to dal, porridge, chapati, paratha or vegetables for your baby.

Nuts, Seeds and Dried Fruits

Dry fruits and nuts like cashews, almonds, walnuts, raisins, pistachios, dried apricots, peaches and seeds like pumpkins seeds, sesame seeds, flax seeds contain healthy fat which can help your child to gain height and weight. You can add them in porridges, cereals, milkshakes, desserts. You can prepare dry fruits powder mix which can be added to the milk. It will increase flavor as well as nutritive value of milk. You can also prepare healthy ladoos having dried fruits and seeds for your kids

The nutrition requirement of a toddler is entirely different from any other member in the family. Once the baby starts having the top feed, the role of nutrition becomes quite important. Growth in young children is rapid so they need special nutrition which sometimes is not met through the food alone, as most of our kid's have fussy eating habits, we should restrict age appropriate nutrition to reach their bodies. In such cases health drinks can act as toddler growth assistants. It can complement the balanced diet of a child.


Some suggestions for the parents:

  • Weight and height of your baby depends upon the genetic constitution of parents. So, do consider it also while feeding your baby.
  • If your child is active, healthy and taking a Balanced diet but his/her weight and height are still not increasing, don’t worry, wait and keep updating about it to the paediatrician.
  • If you think that a chubby baby is a healthy baby then you are wrong. Sometimes, chubby babies are more inactive, which can be an issue with their growth.
  • Focus on a healthy diet rather than the high fat or high calorie foods.
  • Set fixed mealtime and snack times for your child.
  • Do not feed them in between the mealtime.
  • Encourage your child to do the physical activities, which can help to increase child’s appetite and in turn will help him/her to gain height.
  • Always make the mealtimes pleasant and not rushed as this will make the mealtime fun for the child and he/she will eat the food more happily, which will ultimately add to the child’s proper growth.

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