FORE!!! Best Places to Learn Golf in Hyderabad
|   Jul 11, 2016
FORE!!! Best Places to Learn Golf in Hyderabad

Ask any golfing enthusiast and they will always say that “Golf is more than a game.” Golf is one of the best sports to teach kids how to set goals, resolve conflicts, develop leadership skills and more—all while having fun! 

Golf also helps kids too:-

• Enjoy the outdoors and get in some serious exercise.

• Make lifelong friendships. All those people you see playing golf, they’ve more often than not been playing together for a long, long time!

• Take ownership of themselves and their actions, as it’s a solo sport, they can’t blame somebody else for what they’ve done.

• Have a safe, clean and green space to play.

• Develop focus and intensely concentrate on the ultimate goal, i.e. the shot at hand and how to ace it.

• Learn fairness and etiquette. In golf there is no judge or referee; instead, players govern themselves and fellow competitors.

• Encourages kids to get off the couch! Playing golf while walking on the course and trudging the golf bag around burns a lot of calories and helps kids remain fit!

Hyderabad’s spectacular, oft awarded golf courses offer many options to enrol your kids so that they can gain professional expertise for the sport. Here’s mycity4kids curated list of the best golf classes for kids in the city.


Location: 7, 7 Tombs Rd, Jhansi Nagar Colony, Surya Nagar, Golconda Fort

Membership of club required: No Minimum Age to enrol: 6 years

Charges: Rs.4500/- per month for members, Rs.7000/- per month for non-members

The Hyderabad Golf club is located in a historic setting in and around Golconda fort. This 18 hole, 6057 yards course with fabulous views of the 400 year old fort complex is a unique golfing experience and has consistently been awarded the Best Heritage Golf Course by industry specialists. Kids can learn golf in the lap of history, and kill two birds with one stone! Specialized coaches are available for kids, and classes are conducted every weekend.

For more information, please click here.


Location: Opposite ISB, Manikonda Village, Gachibowli

Minimum Age to enrol: 5 years

Membership of club required: No

Charges: Customized based on skill level of student and number of classes desired in a week

Boulder Hills Golf and Country Club is a world-class leisure facility with an 18-hole championship golf course where every golfer is trained to meet the most demanding international standards. Classes are conducted on weekends and their team of coaches is the most experienced in the city. The course has been designed around the existing landscape structures like boulders, water bodies, etc. and is one of the few courses in India with Penncross A4 bentgrass greens imported from Arizona USA.

For more information, please click here.


Location: Bolarum, Secunderabad

Minimum Age to enrol: 5 years

Membership of club required: No

Charges: Customized based on coach skill level, availability & number of classes per week

This is one of the oldest golf courses in Hyderabad, and indeed in the country, that has been in existence since 1888. This is a very challenging golf course, because of the undulating, difficult landscape on which it exists. The coaches here are professional golfers who offer customized coaching packages to the students.

For more information, please click here.


Location: Fountainhead Global School, Miyapur

Membership of club required: N/AMinimum Age to enrol: 2 years

Charges: Varies as per age group and program selected

Sporty Beans is a unique sports development program that has been designed specifically to introduce the love of different kinds of sports to kids from a very young age onwards. They introduce kids to the basics of 9 different sports like cricket, baseball, golf, etc. right from toddlerhood and take the interest in sports further later through their sports coaching programs that offer expert training in different mediums. The idea behind this is to let kids discover for themselves which sport they are really interested (and maybe gifted) in.

Their Junior Beans program starts for kids who are close to 2 years of age, followed by the Mighty Beans and Mega Beans program for 4 and 6 years plus kids respectively. Basics of golf are taught in all these three programs.

For more information, please click here.

MyCity4Kids Pro Tips:-

1) The way the instructor conducts the classes is very important- it should be relaxed and fun with a variety of games and activities that teach newcomers the basics.

2) The skill level of the coach and his desire to develop the love of golfing in a child will go a long way in developing the child’s skill set.

The best thing about learning golf at a very young age is the fun that kids will have while learning and improving on skills that not only benefit their golf game, but also help them with life!

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