From Fighting Depression to Being a Millionaire: Meet YouTube’s ‘Superwoman’Lilly Singh
|   Jun 14, 2017
From Fighting Depression to Being a Millionaire: Meet YouTube’s ‘Superwoman’Lilly Singh

The 28-year-old Canadian with Indian roots; Lilly Singh is a popular YouTube Star who is known for her funny videos and take on everyday situations. Her YouTube channel ‘IISuperwomanII’ has over 11 million subscribers which made her the highest paid female YouTube star and among the top three worldwide.

But what her viewers don’t know is; that this phenomenal success didn’t come to her easy. She was struggling with depression post her grandfather’s death in 2016, whom she was very attached to. To overcome her sad state of mind, she made a funny video of herself and uploaded it on YouTube.

Her light-hearted videos struck a chord with the youth who generallyface issues like depression, heart-break, low confidence and many more.Since then, Lilly Singh has featured in about 800 videos, worked with names like Michelle Obama, Madhuri Dixit, Jimmy Fallon, Dwayne Johnson and many more celebrities. From 2016 to present, from a no-body to being YouTube’s highest paid female star, Lilly Singh’s journey has been a roller coaster of emotions and pure hard-work.

Lilly Singh is a motivation for the youth; who took control of her own life, obviously backed by parents and used her talent to fight depression. As Lilly Singh says, “tears can be wiped off with laughter”, in one of motivational quotes, certainly a few smiles can overtake a sad state of mind. Her videos too are inspired from life real scenarios like heart-break, racism, Indian parents, exam stress and more.

She is now an actress, a dancer, a motivational speaker and an author too. In her maiden book, “How To Be a Bawse”, she talks about depression, and how important is it to work hard to achieve your goals. The word “Bawse” is coined by Lilly which means people who exude positivity and take control of their lives. Watch this interview of hers with international talk-show host Jimmy Fallon. (

With 84% of her YouTube subscribers being women, she is a real Superwoman who constantly motivates her breed to do better and come out of inhibitions. We can’t stop gushing over her hilarious videos, its time mums binge-watch too, for you deserve to laugh it off when the going gets tough!

You can see her videos here. 

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