Global Handwashing Day celebrated by Dettol with its Give Life a Hand Campaign - Review
|   Oct 15, 2014
Global Handwashing Day celebrated by Dettol with its Give Life a Hand Campaign - Review

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s cleanliness drive has been given impetus by Dettol with its “Give Life a Hand” campaign. The campaign is to encourage the simple act of hand washing and bring down the number of deaths of children each year from infectious diseases. 


Dettol is driving this campaign at a global platform by encouraging viewers and users to post a handfie which is a picture taken of a clean hand by self and posting it on their website The handfie is their pledge to keep hands clean and have a healthier lifestyle. They aim to provide innovative solutions that will make a real difference to the lives of many.


Children carry as many as 1500 germs per sq cm of their hand. These germs are transported easily from their hands to food and in turn to their stomachs causing fever, diarrhoea and pneumonia. In addition to roping in celebrities to support their cause, Dettol has targeted school children to carry their message forward.

On the 10th of Oct, 2014 Dettol held a global meet with schools from 32 countries participating in a relay in which they were taught the importance of hand washing and passed on this healthy habit baton to another school in another country.

In India, this was held at Amity School, New Delhi. Students enjoyed the day with chocolates rewarded for singing, dancing, reciting poems and tongue twisters. They were given green friendship bands which, am sure, remained with them for a long time reminding them to keep their hands clean at all times.


There was a brief talk about the importance of washing hands, the number of times one is required to do so, what will happen if not, how germs are affecting them and how they spread. It was an interactive session with little children giving their inputs at every stage.


They were told about the Global Handwashing Day and why they were there that day. They went on to take a pledge to wash their hands and to stay away from germs, ending with clean, healthy, troublefree hi fives.

The kids were also entertained with a little dance played in karaoke style on the tv which they enthusiastically emulated. A thorough hand wash with Dettol liquid handwash and a germ check made them understand that there are these anti bodies which exist even if one cannot see them with a naked eye. “Aao Milo Silo Salo” with super clean hands without any transfer of germs made the children even more excited than before.


The event ended with a virtual interaction with a school in Karachi who had also participated in a similar manner. It definitely made them feel special and that they had been a part of a global phenomenon. This sure will leave a lasting impression on their curious minds. It definitely did on me. Now I’m making sure that I wash my hands for at least 20 seconds and there are no hidden spots left.

Join the “Give Life a Hand” campaign on and show your support towards educating children on healthy hand washing habits. 

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