Heavily Pregnant Serena Williams’ Baby Bump Takes Centre Court
|   Jun 28, 2017
Heavily Pregnant Serena Williams’ Baby Bump Takes Centre Court

If there’s anyone who can be celebrated as true tennis royalty currently, it would certainly be the one and only Serena Williams, tennis player par extraordinaire, humanitarian of great virtue and champion of women’s right everywhere. 

After creating waves around the world by winning the Australian Open title when she was newly pregnant, she has been in the news for going through her much awaited pregnancy with pomp, flaunting her baby bump, rocking it as a true fashionista, while staying rooted enough to document normal pregnancy troubles such as nausea and bloating and not letting the pregnancy hold her back from anything! 

The 35 year old champion, who is giving women all the world some serious pregnancy goals, took to the courts earlier this week to keep fit and in touch with her tennis and totally owned the competition, never letting her baby bump come in the way of anything on the court. 

Dressed in black and white trainers, three-quarter-length black jogging bottoms and a gym top that encompassed her bump, Serena, who is expecting her first baby with fiancé  Alexis Ohanian (who is the co-founder of Reddit) ran back and forth fielding serves from her tennis partner, in a video clip  posted to her Instagram profile.

She showed off her famous backhand while returning every hit perfectly - and didn't even seem out of breath after the energetic session. And here in my pregnancy I couldn’t even take one flight of stairs without feeling breathless! 

The star has been keeping fans updated with a series of social media posts, also has chosen to not find out her child’s sex beforehand, pointing out that "I think the surprise of knowing what you are going to have on that very special day you give birth is probably the best surprise you can ever have!" 

Like all mommies, she’s looking forward to have her baby become a part and parcel of her life, and that would mean spending quite a bit of time on the courts! She wrote in a post earlier this year that “You taught me the true meaning of serenity and peace. I can't wait to meet you. I can't wait for you to join the player's box next year." 

We at mycity4kids wish her a peaceful and joyous pregnancy ahead, with lots of stamina to keep going like the tennis ace that she is!

Picture Courtesy: The Mirror, UK

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