Here's why these bloggers won the contest - #WomanInMe
|   Mar 31, 2016
Here's why these bloggers won the contest - #WomanInMe

#WomanInMe was a quest for the spark in you, sometimes bright and sometimes quiet. We wanted you to introspect and rediscover that part of yourself that defines you and not surprisingly, it was a fabulous response. It was amazing to see how easily 228 bloggers warmed up to the idea of looking within and came out with unique expressions of themselves.

It is not an easy task to identify and accept that some part of you has taken a backseat in the presence of more dominant roles and routines. And when a man recognizes the loss of a woman’s spirit, we can only applaud and feel encouraged. Ganesh shook us with the question, ‘Dear Young Mom, Are You Actually A Barren Woman?’ . His blog brought out an oft repeated story – of a woman who is ‘obsessed with her role as a mother and as a wife and has stopped thinking of herself as an individual.’ Ganesh calls upon all those who have reached a state of zero ‘emotional and mental fertility …. a barren woman’ to shake off the guilt and rediscover their passions.

Saryu touches upon a sensitive yet omnipresent issue – post pregnancy weight loss in ‘Yes! I Am FAT And It Doesn't Matter If I Look A Little More.’  Our heart sinks when her change her appearance and upbeat spirit go unnoticed and unaccepted. We can feel the depth of her dismay that makes her contemplate suicide and we are overjoyed when she emerges from that dark place deciding to put health before appearance stereotypes, loving and respecting herself and demanding respect too.

Is it possible to break age old sterotypes? Janhavi proves that it can be done in ‘Womaninme does her puja even during her menstruation and does not wrap her pads in black’ where she questions the irrational practice of segregating women during their periods.   “Also, menstruation I felt should be something every girl should be proud of because that’s the sign of her fertility. So I couldn’t get this hypocritical attitude about being impure for the purest phenomena of a woman's life.”


Through the protagonist in her short story ‘The Woman In Me SPEAKS To The Husband In You.’ Kaatayani brings out the frustration of many wives taken for granted by their husbands. She also brings out the strength of that woman who finally recognizes that “… the woman in me is strong, independent, lovable, and vivacious. Nalini stood up; the fresh air rejuvenated her spirits. She never felt lighter before. She ran towards the nursery, picked up her son and danced with joy. She danced, she danced, and she danced like never before. The laughter of her son filled her heart, her spirits and her soul. The rainbow outside matched her soul.”


Shivani Shourie acknowledges an unsung hero in ‘My Secret Relationship....Unveiled!’. The voice of reason and strength that has guided her through many difficult moments in life is none else than the woman in her. “I may ignore you at times, forgive me for that. The mother, the sister, the daughter or the daughter-in-law may take over momentarily but you are what completes me. Thank you #WomanInMe”


In Shreya M’sWhat's Wrong If I Am Still Carrying My #MaidenName??’ we saw another stereotype being questioned and overcome. Shreya wants to know why society talks about gender equality but forgets a very basic part of that – a woman’s identity. “I don't need to change my identity just because I got married to a man with a different surname … I or my hubby don't see it something as a question of my acceptability towards him or his family.”


These are all the variables which contribute to you being a winner in the next contest:

-Content Quality

-Thematic (to the contest)

-Interactions of the audience

-Unique Page Views

-Personal to the author

-Relatability to the audience

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