Holi Hai: 10 Do's and Don'ts for Kids to observe on Holi!
|   Mar 04, 2015
Holi Hai: 10 Do's and Don'ts for Kids to observe on Holi!

The beautiful festival of colours is here, bringing with it the beginning of spring season. Holi is filled many colours, fun, dance and music. A festival when everyone forgets all their worries for a day and enjoy just like a child. As they say "Bura na Mano! Holi Hai" (Please do not mind, Its Holi). So you will come across a lot of lighthearted fun and jokes being played on you as everyone excuses all the "masti" on this day.

Yet, if we don't keep a check then things can get ugly too. So it is upto us that 'we the parents' and our kids have a lot of fun on this day but RESPONSIBLY.

Here are a few Do's and Don'ts that kids should observe while playing Holi:


1. Do make sure to buy our kids 'only' eco-friendly holi colours that are made from vegetable and flower dyes. They are not as harsh on the skin as compared to the chemical colours available in the market. The best part is that you can even make your own colours at home from turmeric, beetroot etc.

2. Do strictly tell your kid not to throw water balloons at any passerby. You never know when it can hurt a pregnant lady, an old person or even injure anyone. It is best to buy them water guns through which they can splash water at each other.

3. Do instruct your child to close his/her eyes when somebody throws colours or coloured water at them.

4. Do make sure they eat  a sumptuous breakfast so that they can play a long time.

5. Before they step out to play with colours, do make sure to liberally apply coconut oil and cold cream/lotion on their entire body and hair. Doing this, will ensure that the stubborn colours don’t go deep into their skin and come off easily later.


1. Don’t make the kids wear new clothes. They should wear full sleeves and long clothes that will  protect their skin. Obviously, it will be a wise choice to go for old clothes  which you can discard once the child is done with playing colours.

2. Please make sure you keep "bhaang thandai" out of the reach of children. It goes without saying how harmful they can be for children.

3. Always discourage your children from playing Holi with eggs, mud or dirty water. We have to ensure that they enjoy this festival in a hygienic and clean manner.

4. Also, play Holi only with a group of close friends and relatives instead of attending huge bashes with large gatherings. Unless it is a Club or Society where strict rules are to be followed always.

5. Do take some time off from the revelry, a day before or later on the day of the festival to discuss with your child the cultural significance of Holi. It is important to share with them that this festival is not just about games and revelry.


A festival that will bring out the child in you, the innocence and the fun and frolic. A day where the entire family can let their hair down, get dirty, sing and dance together.


So here's a little colour for your cheeks and let's dance to that popular number and shout HOLI HAI!!

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