Homoeopathy HEALS!
|   Jan 06, 2017
Homoeopathy HEALS!

Homoeopathy HEALS, others try to treat! Is it my arrogance against other systems or it’s my love for my beloved science speaking? Well neither! Because you know, I have reached an age where such things have no meaning. You have to prove yourself or you are out of the game. Isn’t it? I am sure you all will agree with me. So when I say “Homoeopathy HEALS, others try to treat”, it’s my experience speaking. Over the last 16 years in my practice, having healed a number of patients and seen their resilience in health as compared to other kids who don’t receive Homoeopathic treatment, I can vouch for Homoeopathy and its results.

In the very first article I would like to start with sharing a case of a child treated under my care for Acute Urinary Infection. This girl presented with very high grade fever with increased frequency of urination, passing urine at almost every 20 minutes with intense burning and pain. She was feeling a lot of pain in her abdomen and had vomited a couple of times. She had swollen up from head to toe; the general physician had recommended that she has to be admitted to a nursing home. But parents had faith in Homoeopathy so they brought her to HHC.

After taking the above details a fitting remedy was prescribed to this girl and within 2 hours her fever subsided, her urination came to normal frequency in 6 hours and her appetite came back in 8 hours.

Her first day report showed 200-250 pus cells but second day report showed just 15-20 pus cells.

Such are the results with accurate Homoeopathic remedies.

So you can see my friends, we just busted the myth about Homoeopathy, “that it works slowly”, isn’t it? Rather I would say given a chance Homoeopathic medicines help resolve the disease from the core, in a very gentle, natural and fast way.

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