How to deal with my Fussy Eater?
|   Oct 16, 2014
How to deal with my Fussy Eater?

Getting children to eat, or rather I should say eat healthy, can take a toll on parents. Especially mothers, who are constantly looking for ways and means to get their child take a proper wholesome diet. However, if your child wants to eat chicken nuggets, pizza, mac and cheese or anything that you as a parent do not approve off, do not fret, and don’t beat yourself up.

Children are usually very adaptive to change in eating habits, if proposed to them with love and lot of patience.

Here are few tips:

  • Plan a structure of meals and snacks
  • Be creative with food offered.
  • Keep the pressure to eat food off.
  • Give a choice to your child while preparing a meal (not more than three choices).
  • Don’t show anger, if the child rejects the food.
  • Spend some time talking about the nutritious qualities about the food being offered.
  • Reward your child after finishing his meal. ( avoid materialistic rewards)

Stay tuned for: Temper Tantrums in children, Some tips!

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