How To Get Your Blog Post Featured On Our Facebook Page?
|   Aug 02, 2016
How To Get Your Blog Post Featured On Our Facebook Page?

Your ‘BIBLE’ to getting your article published on our Facebook page

It's great to see you blogging and sharing your stories at Many of you question why your blog post is not featured in ‘Trending’ or on our Facebook page.

Here is the flow of any blog post at

• As soon as you publish your article, it appears in our RECENT section.

• If the page views of any blog post is more than any other blog post in the past 24hrs, it automatically gets picked up to be in our TRENDING section

Here's what Parenting Blogs at are all about:

• Here mums and dads share their stories

• They give tips and try to unravel the journey of parenthood

• They do check out/post sincere user reviews

• They give hope and courage to fellow parents

• They give comfort and inspire other mums and dads in every way possible

We perform due diligence on all the blog posts we receive & due to the reasons mentioned above, we are very sincere and frugal about what we promote. Here are the reasons why your story may not have got published on our Facebook page:

  1.  Not writing a complete story- Leaving the reader feeling 'there has to be more to this'
  2. Not writing anything for our audience of 'Parents' - 95% of our readers are mums and dads and want to hear your parenting story
  3. Links or mentions of any business or blog in the body of the article/blog post
  4. Grammatical errors
  5. Lack of use of capital letters in the beginning of a sentence and the 'i's.
  6. Use of ‘sms’ language and not using complete words in the content like MIL
  7. Ellipsis - the extra dots and dashes (….)
  8. Spelling errors - Make it a routine to spell check the content before posting
  9. Not writing the article/blog in paragraphs
  10. Not keeping your story within a range of 300-1000 words
  11. Adding links in picture courtesy
  12. Excess words in the title - Restrict to a max length of one line
  13. Adding only YouTube links in the body of the article for Video content - Add using the video button on top
  14. Adding images which have text in them - The title appears on top of the article image now.
  15. No profile picture - creates ambiguity in the mind of the reader
  16. No bio - created doubt

THIS SHOULD BE YOUR BIBLE FOR PUBLISHING 'QUALITY' CONTENT at We are SURE to pick it up for our social media pages, including Facebook, for additional promotion if your blog post follows all features of Great Quality Content.

However, if your article meets all the above mentioned criterion and has still not been promoted on Facebook for more than a week, please mail us the article link and we'll look into it!

Happy Writing!

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