How to keep colds from spreading in the family - Part III
|   Jan 23, 2015
How to keep colds from spreading in the family - Part III

It takes just one sniffling nose to throw your whole life out of gear for weeks.

One person in the family goes down with a cold. The sniffling and sneezing spreads the germs to all the others in the family. And before you know it you are in the midst of chaos.

Children are missing school - you are missing work - you are dragging yourself through dreary days of feeling unwell - spending sleepless nights with blocked noses and annoying coughs and dealing with crankiness and frayed tempers.

The seemingly innocuous common cold is capable of wreaking havoc in your family as it spreads from one person to another. And it is worthwhile to know how you can prevent the germs from spreading and taking your whole family down. Encourage kids to wash hands frequently and use the crook of the elbow to contain coughs and sneezes.

So here are some tips…….

                                                                                  Go disposable !!

There is no way you can allow a nose to run and drip.

And so - when a cold has you in its grip - mopping up is the primary task at hand.

And it is important to mop up right.

Containing the discharges from sneezes and coughs is really important because every droplet of snot and phlegm is laden with the infectious virus and most of us know that.

So as soon as we feel the aaaaaachooo aproach………….. we reach for our handkerchiefs or tissues……….we manage to avert the disastrous spread of snot and phlegm by placing our handkerchiefs and tissues in the path of our coughs and sneezes just in time……...and then with a grateful sigh of relief …………..deposit the handkerchiefs and tissues that have just successfully averted disaster……….. back in our pockets or on the nearest available surface.

And as we do that - we help the virus find its next victim.

The common cold can be caused by many different viruses - and the one thing that these viruses have in common - is their resilience to destruction.

So viruses like the Rhinovirus - that cause the common cold - can survive for up to 24 hours after they leave your body in a cough or a sneeze.

When a used tissue or handkerchief is placed on a table or chair - the virus from the tissue gets transferred to the table or chair. From there - it moves to the hands of the next person who touches the table or chair - and infects her / him.

And that is just TERRIBLE !!!

You cannot and should not allow this to happen - and you can prevent it - if you go DISPOSABLE !!!

Use disposable tissues to mop up!

And as soon as you mop up - make sure the tissues make their way into a dustbin.

When you carry virus laden handkerchiefs or tissues around or leave them lying around on tables or other surfaces - you allow the virus to get onto these surfaces - and infect other people who touch these surfaces and then their noses and eyes.

And that is how you help the virus find new victims.

Getting up to find a dustbin to drop your tissue into - when you are in the clutches of a viral malaise - however is certainly not easy.

Make life easier for the sick. Place enough boxes of tissues at handy spots around the house - and place dustbins next to them. And then - to be doubly sure that you are one step ahead of the virus - place a hand sanitizer there as well to ensure clean hands.

When the common cold virus encounters these three things it will soon beat a hasty retreat.  

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