How To Take Care Of Your Baby’s Skin In The Winters
|   Dec 11, 2014
How To Take Care Of Your Baby’s Skin In The Winters

Its winter season again! And even though it gives respite from the hot and humid summers, the cold weather can easily turn the cherubic soft cheeks of your baby very dry. All you need to do is just give a little extra attention to taking care of your baby’s delicate skin and the evil spell of the harsh and cold winters will be easily warded off!

Here are a few pointers that you can use to keep your baby’s skin safe this winter.

Massages and oils

Massaging your baby’s skin daily will ensure that the oil penetrates the skin deeply and will keep it hydrated and supple for longer. Most Indian families prefer massages for newborn till the baby is up to 9 months old. 

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Bath time

In very cold regions, experts suggest that you bathe your child in 2-3 days. But if that isn’t the case for you then make sure the daily bath time is less than 10 minutes. Water should be lukewarm as hot water tends to make the skin dry. Soaps should be sparingly used and ensure that soaps or liquid cleansers should be lipid free. Soaps with lipids usually contain detergents, etc which are harsh for baby’s skin.

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Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

The key to baby’s soft skin is simply to keep applying moisturizers and creams on your baby every 3-4 hours. These lotions or creams should contain Vitamin A, D or E which are very good for the baby’s skin. As soon as your baby takes a bath, slather her all whole body with moisturizing lotions or creams. Vaseline or petroleum jelly is best for lips, elbows and knees. Instead of powder, apply cream to your baby before making him wear a diaper.

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If you live in colder areas and can’t avoid the use of heaters, then make sure there is a humidifier in the room too. As the constant use of heaters makes the air in the room very dry and in turn your baby’s skin drier, the humidifier will replace the dry air with humidity and make the room environment less arid.

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Use only soft winter clothes for the baby like fleece. Synthetic, rough or very bright coloured clothes should be avoided. Also make the kids wear soft caps and gloves to keep them warm. This type of clothing ensures that your baby’s skin remains soft and protected from harsh cold winds. Be cautious not to bundle up your child with clothes, as this make him sweat and cause skin irritation.

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Rashes and itchiness

Any signs of rashes, redness or extreme itchiness with dryness will indicate skin problems like eczema. Never feel shy to take the expert advice in this case. Eczema can easily be treated by moisturisation and proper cleaning. Also do not make your child wear many layers of clothes as this can cause rashes and skin irritation. Make sure the baby wears breathable fabrics and is not made to sit in car seats or strollers for very long. If the rashes and itchiness still persist, it is best for the doctor to have a further look at them.

Just by following these few simple tips, you can make the winter season most enjoyable for you and your little one!

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