Is it Okay if My Baby Cries a Lot
|   Jul 26, 2017
Is it Okay if My Baby Cries a Lot

When babies and young children cry normally for their age, it will have beneficial effect on them but excessive crying (means more than a normal for child’s age and level of development) will have damaging effect on child.

Beneficial effects of crying (NORMAL)

1. For babies it is an exercise that is needed for muscle growth and coordination. It also increase appetite and encourage sound sleep.

2. In young children, through normal crying they ventilate out their tension and emotional pain which restore body homeostasis.

Excessive crying has physical and psychological ill effect on child.

Physical Damage

1. Depletion of energy: - Actually babies literally cry all over, so excessive crying depletes their energy and exhausts them. There is interference in normal eating pattern and sleep cycle which in turn effect physical growth.

2. Disturbance in normal body homeostasis:- excessive crying disturb normal body functioning. It may also associate with vomiting, regurgitation, bet wetting. Nail biting, night mare, thumb sucking, and other neurotic features which latter on may manifest as depression and anxiety disorder.

Psychological Damage

1. Parents attitude:- Either parents become overprotective or become ignorant for crying (hoping to teach lesson to child) both are damaging for psychological growth of child.

2. Family attitude:- excessive crying of child may lead to strained atmosphere  and full of tension. Relationship between family members may deteriorate and later on child develop self rejection.

3. Social relations:- Child is tagged as crying baby and most of adults and age mate does not want to spend time with him. In all, this lead to social rejection and decrease the opportunity to learn social skills.

Excessive crying may become a habit which does not disappear on its own accord.  It has to be unlearned and replaced and other form of communication. Parents play important role in this.

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