It's A SIX! Best Cricket Academies In Kolkata
|   May 26, 2016
It's A SIX! Best Cricket Academies In Kolkata

“Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn.” – O. Fred Donaldson

Playtime for children is as important as study time, if not more. As young kids, outdoor sports are a great, healthy way to channel their energy. Cricket is one of the most popular sports among children today. If your child is showing a keen interest in cricket, here is a list of the best cricket academies in Kolkata that you could enroll him/her in! 

Ashok Malhotra Cricket Academy

Age: 6 – 16 Years

Address: Rabindra Sarovar, Lake Gardens, Kolkata

Here is an institute to teach your children some serious cricket. Known as one of the best places to teach budding cricketers, it has produced some of the best talents like Shreevats Goswami who plays for the Bengal Ranji Trophy. 

Currently, they have 200 students in this age group. This academy has 6 concrete pitches, 5 turf pitches, 5 practice nets, and matting pitch. Ashok Malhotra is the head coach here. They operate 3 days a week with 3 sessions each day to choose from.  If you think your child has an interest in cricket, which can be pursued further, don’t miss the opportunity to enroll your kid here. 

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Calcutta Cricket Coaching Center

Age: 5 Years & Above

Address: Avenue Road, Lake Club, Dhakuria, Kolkata

Shri Riten Bose set up this institute in 1990. This age old club has around 250 students on a regular basis. There are 7 coaches here with facilities like 7 concrete pitches, 1 main pitch, 3 turf pitches, 3 matting wickets and practice nets. It is a great place to hone the skills of your young ones. 

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Bournvita Cricket Academy

Age: 5 – 25 Years

Address: Mayo Road, Kolkata

This well-known academy has around 300 students and have prominent coaches such as Arun Lal and Pranab Nandi. They have a huge arena of cemented pitches, matted and turf areas. Some of their students who have done well nationally are Abhishek Jhunjhunwala and Shiv Sagar Singh.

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Dakshina Kalikata Sansad

Age: 6 – 18 Years

Address: Rashbehari Avenue, Deshopriya Park, Kolkata

This club is famous for teaching a variety of sports to a vast number of students. Apart from cricket, they also teach tennis, soccer, swimming, table tennis and others. In cricket, they have around 100 students. Their facilities include cemented pitches, turf and practice areas. Some of their bright students in cricket include Nirmal Chatterjee and Benu Dasgupta. 

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Sambaran Banerjee Cricket Academy

Address: Kalighat Park, Kolkata

This academy is pretty well known for teaching the right techniques to the little ones. Under the leadership of Mr. Sambaran Banerjee and other well known coaches, this is a great place for children to learn the sport. It has over 200 students and great infrastructure to get some professional training.

Shree Bhumi Sporting Club

Age: 5 Years & Above

Address: Canal Street, Lake Town, Shree Bhumi, Kolkata

The club teaches various sports like cricket, football, tennis, carom and others. The coaches who teach the young children are well known Bengal players namely Ajoy Verma and Goutam Shome. There are around 80 young students who get trained here regularly. 

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Videocon Cricket Academy

Age: 5 – 20 Years

Address: Central Park Cricket Ground, Karunamoyee, Sector 2, Kolkata

This school, set up by Sourav Ganguly needs little introduction so to speak. This academy has almost 600 students. Mr. Shoukat Mukherjee is the head coach here. They have produced some good players of recent times like Veer Pratap Singh who is in the current IPL Kolkata Knight Riders Squad. Ravikant Singh who played for India Under 19 World Cup team was also honed here. It has 9 turf wickets, 13 concrete pitches and 4 main pitches. 

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Sabuj Dol Cricket Academy

Age: 5 Years and Up

Address: Garia Southend Garden, Garia, Kolkata

Another name in teaching these young adults the technique of cricket is Sabuj Dol Cricket Academy. They have over 100 students enrolled. They have 5 concrete pitches and practice turf. Some of their boys have become part of the Under 17 Bengal Squad like Sharnik Banerjee and Wasim Mubaswir. Their practice sessions are held on weekends. Do check them out for a trial here. 

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