Judge Asks This 5-Yr-Old Kid to Decide His Dad's Punishment. His Answer is Awesome!
|   Jun 02, 2017
Judge Asks This 5-Yr-Old Kid to Decide His Dad's Punishment. His Answer is Awesome!

The internet keeps astounding us everyday and humorous stories and incidents across the world surely add a bit of sunshine and laughter to our busy lives. 

One such incident that occurred in Rhode Island in the US  has been making waves online, as in a surprise move, Chief Municipal Judge Frank Caprio called onto the 5 year old son of Darryl Crow; a pizza restaurant owner; to decide his father’s fate in court in relation to a traffic violation that faced up to a $90 maximum parking fine. 

He was lucky that his case was assigned to Judge Frank Caprio, who has gained fame for not only being fair and just but also for his innovative ways of handling minor cases such as parking tickets and missed fines. 

In this instance, the judge noticed that Darryl’s five year old son was with him and called him up to the bench where he asked him about his father’s pizza business as well as the little boy’s own plans for the future. The little boy drew laughter from the spectators as he told the judge he wanted to be a cook and work in a pizza parlor just like his father. 

The judge gave Jacob three options – for his father to pay a $90 fine, a $30 fine or to have the ticket dismissed entirely. After a few moments of thought, the young boy decided to split the difference and order his dad to pay a $30 fine. 

Watch the touching yet humorous video below to find out how the judge reacted to young Jacob’s decision! You can watch this video here.

Video courtesy: Caught in Providence Facebook 

Great going, Judge Caprio! You sure had a great idea in mind for Darryl and you definitely made Jacob’s day as well with your kindness and large heart. 

Now all I want to know is, what did Jacob and Darryl order for their big celebration breakfast!

Picture Courtesy: Khaleej Times online

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