July Postcard- Travel to Copenhagen with kids
|   Jul 15, 2014
July Postcard- Travel to Copenhagen with kids
Copenhagen is a city for kids. You have reserved places on buses and trains for prams and pushchairs, children's menus in restaurants, art museums in kids' height and, of course, reductions at all attractions. And, the best thing about Copenhagen is that it's so small; one moment you're in the city centre and the next minute you're standing at the beach.

When in Copenhagen, start with Dyrehavsbakken or, Bakken for short. This 431-year-old amusement park is the oldest in the world and surrounded by 400-year-old trees and almost 2000 free range deer. Inside, Bakken has 34 roller coasters, ferris wheels, drop towers, and many more exciting and extreme adventures. There are arcades, games and shooting ranges that make Bakken a kid’s delight.

Tivoli is an unforgettable experience, regardless of your age. Within the boundaries of this world-famous city amusement park, you’ll find centuries of history, a unique atmosphere and thrilling fairground rides. Hans Christian Andersen once strolled in these gardens and today, you can enjoy concerts, performances, rides, restaurants and exhibitions all in one place.

Copenhagen Zoo, situated at the edge of the beautiful Frederiksberg Gardens, is a great day out. It is full of wild creatures, big and small, with a famous elephant house, a polar bear, tigers and much more. Your kids can interact with tamer animals in the zoo’s children’s area and learn about how to look after them.

The Blue Planet - Denmark's Aquarium - is Northern Europe's largest aquarium and offers a unique experience for children and adults. Located near the airport in Kastrup, the Blue Planet has water on all side and is intended to give the visitors a feeling of being under water. The new building has five "arms" from the centre of the aquarium. So, you can choose your own way around the aquarium to see the exotic animals.

A visit to the Hans Christian Andersen Museum is always a good idea. Better known as The Fairytale House, this fun museum is part of the Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum. It offers a fascinating peek into the life and times of the man who wrote classic fables like The Emperor's New ClothesThe Ugly Duckling and The Little Mermaid among a host of others.

In additions, many of the city’s museums offer special exhibitions, activities and areas for children. In particular, the National Gallery of Denmark, the Tycho Brahe Planetarium, The National Museum and the Experimentarium are ideal for kids. Another great place to take them is the Guinness Museum of World Records.

If you want the kids to have a fun-filled holiday, Copenhagen has it all!

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