Kids Help Mom Get a Kidney Match Through an Internet Post
|   Aug 03, 2017
Kids Help Mom Get a Kidney Match Through an Internet Post

“Give mommy the gift of life”

In a video that has touched the hearts of people around the world, two kids, Bailey (8) and Tobias (4) appealed to people to help them find a kidney donor to save their mother’s life. She had only a few months to live if a match was not found.

37-year-old Diana Zippay from Pennsylvania suffers from a rare genetic disease known as Alport Syndrome. People with this condition experience progressive failure of kidney function. Diana had been living on 20 hours a week of dialysis. Since this was an inherited disease, she couldn’t find a donor from her family as several other relatives have a similar medical drawback.

The waiting list of candidates was long, making the possibility of finding a match for Diana highly unlikely. In act of despair to save their mother’s from the clutches of looming death, these kids decided to seek help on the internet.

"My daughter immediately said, 'We have to make this video. We have to make this video, mom. We need it, you have to get a kidney.' And I said, 'Okay, let's see what we come up with,'" Diana revealed to CBS news.

In the video posted on Facebook, both children held signboards requesting viewers to find a living donor for their mother. Living donors are preferred for kidney transplants as the quality of organ of a living donor is much better than a deceased donor and can help the organ receive live a longer life.

In another post on Facebook, Diana too had requested to share her story with everyone and wrote, “I'm not a super hero...I'm not a celebrity.... I'm just a mom like many of you....all I want is to raise my kids alongside my husband.”

Diana received the good news soon. A person from Philadelphia with the same blood type as hers had been matched as a donor by the National Kidney Foundation. Earlier, one more altruistic donor had extended her help, but the blood type didn’t match, post which she agreed to donate her kidney to someone else in exchange for Diana receiving another kidney in return. 

Diana has had a successful surgery and is now her kidney is functioning well. The family took to Facebook again to thank everyone for their immense support.

Watch the before and after videos here.

This story has restored our faith in the humanity and power of prayers.

Image Courtesy: Facebook

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