Latika’s Story
|   Jan 20, 2017
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Latika’s Story

Latika looked at the sleeping child, all night her 6 year old had been restless, and its 6am and now she is sleeping peacefully.  Her heart ached to wake up the child but if she does not get her ready in an hour’s time, she will miss her school bus. Litika sat down beside the sleeping child wondering what was happening to her precious baby. Ever since their move to this city after her husband’s transfer, her little one is struggling, sometimes her breathing is laboured and most of the time she seems irritated. Of late, Latika has been noticing that her baby’s eyes have been  watering, occasionally.

Latika gently woke her little girl and got her ready for school. She ate poorly and Litika was getting very concerned. Shiv, her husband is busy settling in the new work environment and his new assignment, he loves his family but Latika can sense that he is stressed too. She does not want to unnecessarily burden him with more tension but she is concerned about their little girl. She smiles and sees them both off and puts aside her concern.

She makes a call to her family doctor for an appointment that afternoon after her daughter’s school. She decides that she cannot watch her girl sleep uncomfortably, her breathing so laboured.  She looks around her spacious home, an apartment in a high rise and wistfully misses her home back and its sprawling lawns and open area. The traffic, the smog gets her unnerved and often wonders if the air they are breathing is polluted. She brushes aside her thoughts. Her home is clean in fact very clean, she prides herself about it. Her home cannot be polluted; the outside may be not her home, as she draws the curtains. The rooms get vacuumed, dusted and mopped every day. Anyway, she will be seeing the doctor soon.

That afternoon sitting at their family doctor’s Latika shares all details about her little girl and her concerns. Dr. M listens carefully and does a thorough check up, he says “there is nothing much to be concerned but at the same time, it is something that you cannot ignore. Your little girl is showing all the symptoms of breathing polluted air!” Latika immediately responded “I maintain very clean environment, keeping all the windows shut and keeping the inside of the home clean”.

The friendly Doctor tells Latika that the air pollutants are very high in the cities and everyone is getting affected without realising. The children and elderly are particularly sensitive as their immune system is  weak. Air pollution is one of the leading causes of death yet it is not counted because air pollution is not an illness! It is a contributing factor to other diseases. Poor quality of air leads to asthma, respiratory infection, and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

The world health Organisation says that “Air pollution is the world’s largest environmental health risk. Indoor air pollution is also one the reason for illnesses. Listening to her Doctor enlightening her, Laitka is dumbfounded. He points her towards the air purifier in his chamber and tells her that getting an Air Purifier for her home would be a smart and sensible decision. It helps to filter out the pollutants in the air and create an environment which is healthy and the air cleaner. There are several surprising benefits of having an Air purifier. It will help her and her family members to breathe clean air.  Globally, emission rates are growing at 6 percent, every year.

Air Purifiers actually remove 99.9 percent of the common pollutants from the air. It rids the air of dust, pollen, Pet dander, smoke and almost all pollutants present in the air. “Your child will sleep better, her allergy attack in the eyes will be gone and she will have a better appetite!!’’  Latika cannot thank her doctor enough for his timely advice. She knew when her husband moved to the capital that the air pollution was high but she did not think it would affect their little girl so much. The early warnings in a way were a blessing in disguise, before more damage was done. She bought an Air Purifier immediately and to create a safe zone for her daughter as well for themselves. Forewarned is being forearmed. Her daughter was suffering from allergy because of the pollutants in the air that she was breathing. Air Purifiers are scientifically proven to remove the dust mites that are present in the air, one of the main reasons for allergy that causes irritation of the eyes and respiratory distress.

That night after installing the purifier, she and her daughter both slept peacefully, she because she knew that she did her best to take care of her family’s health and her daughter because she was breathing purer air. Waking up for school next morning will not be a problem!

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