Learn How to Tie shoelaces from This 5-Year-Old's Viral Video!
|   Jun 12, 2017
Learn How to Tie shoelaces from This 5-Year-Old's Viral Video!

For so many of us adults, tying shoelaces is as easy as it gets. However, if you’re a parent you’ll know just how trying it is to teach kids the fine art of knotting their shoes up right. Laced up shoes look mighty cute on kids, but the fear of teaching kids how to knot often leaves parents dealing with Velcro for far longer than usual. 

Well, not any more. Meet Colton, five years old, who has a loose tooth but an interesting and super easy way of tying shoelaces to teach the world! 

“My name is Colton ­— and this is a new way to tie shoes,” the adorable boy says as he begins patiently showing off his new skill in this video. 

To put it shortly and sweetly (although it can’t get sweeter than Colton in the video!), he starts by sticking the ends of each shoelace into the side of the shoe, creating two big loops. Then he simply crosses the loops and ties them together twice for a double-knot. 

Colton apparently learnt this “NEW” way of tying his shoelaces as he’s left handed and he was getting frustrated with tying them the normal way, as the steps would have to be reversed. At this young age also, Colton does given credit where it’s due, and says in the video he learnt the trick from his friend, River. 

Colton’s mom, Lillard took  the simple tutorial video and posted it online, where it’s received close to 946K views, 10K likes, 19.7K shares, and 1.2K comments. She NEVER expected such an overwhelming response! 

While certainly not new, the trick has managed to touch so many lives with its simplicity and sweetness, and is helping not just children! One lady, aged 50 who just had a stroke saw the video and commented “The only thing I cannot do is tie my shoes. And after watching this video today I was able to do it!” 

Thank you Colton for showing us this wonderful way of tying shoelaces! We loved the video, and you in it! More power to you!

Cover Picture Courtesy: scarymommy

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