Let it Rain! 10 Fun Things to do in Kolkota this Monsoon
|   Jul 14, 2016
Let it Rain! 10 Fun Things to do in Kolkota this Monsoon

Take out your raincoats and umbrellas. Monsoons are going to rule our life for the next few months now. Kolkata is known for its warmth and culture and this season, experience the city in its full bloom. Feel the essence of Kolkata as it gets refreshed under regular spells of rain. Some thrills, which can be enjoyed till this season lasts, are here. So, come, let’s make the most of monsoons.  

Get Drenched!

Location: Anywhere, Everywhere!!

What is the better way to experience the rainy season than getting wet during the monsoons? After ensuring all the precautions, this is the best way to let your child experience nature and getting thrilled by its surprises. The children love to do something new and this will let them understand the vagaries of the nature. And of course, you can play football in the rain!

Take your kids to visit the Snow Park

Location: Axis Mall, Rajarhat

This one was long overdue in Kolkata. The Snow Park is the latest entrant to the entertainment zone in Kolkata. This is an indoor park and so, the children can enjoy this place without having to face the monsoons. This place is a perfect fun place for 3 years and above, kids love their play area and it’s a great family hangout.

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Make Paper Boats

Location: Every pothole on the street of Kolkata

Well, Kolkata is famous for its potholes. And there is only one advantage of these potholes. They log water for a long time after the rains are over. Make paper boats with your children and sail them in the water logged in these potholes. So, without getting wet, you can get the essence of the monsoon season!

Enjoy The Games At Smash Street

Location: Salt Lake, Near Swimming Pool

Apart from the regular gaming options, this café offers a variety of different games for the young ones. They have laser tagging games, foosball, pool ball, motion gaming, air hockey and other interesting things in their café which is sure to keep your kids occupied for some time.

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Appreciate the nature at Eco Park

Location: Rajarhat

This park is huge and a complete delight for the young at heart. They have numerous sports activities like zorbing, boating, cycling, and others. Apart from the activities, they have musical fountain show, butterfly park and lots of activities happening on a regular basis. Take the kids to this park if you want them to appreciate nature, enjoy the rains and the luscious green park with lots of open spaces all around and a lake to watch the sunsets from.

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Make Pakodas During These Rains

Location: Home

Not wanting to sound too theatrical, pakodas or fritters goes best with the rains. So, as it rains outside, enjoy making these fritters with your kids and help them finish it off their plates! They will always remember the “MaaKeHaathKaPakoda” !

Unravel The Mysteries at Espionage

Location: Sarat Bose Road

Spend some great family time together as you play the fascinating games here as you become a James bond/ Sherlock Holmes. Come together to solve mysteries, find clues and become a spy as you take up different challenges. Here, there are different types of games, which you can choose from and reach the final end, in 60 minutes or less. This game is a team game where parents, children, siblings and friends can play together. This monsoon, the children can enjoy being 007!

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Visit the Acropolis Mall

Location: Rajdanga Road, Kasba

This mall is the latest entrant in the Kolkata’s shopping arena. They have a new mix of brands on offer and some cool restaurants coming up. Their children’s area comprising of a video game parlor is under construction and will be coming up shortly. You can pay a visit to this giant of a mall this monsoon.

Have Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake at Café 4/1

Location: Camac Street

This is a relatively new entrant in the cafes of Kolkata. It has been an instant hit with its bright interiors, welcoming feel and delectable European platter. Do take your kids to try their chocolate peanut butter shake. It is amazing and I am sure the children will love it. Their food menu is also great with its vast offerings for children and their shakes are a big big hit!

Take A Villa At Vedic Village

Location: Shikharpur

The spa resort, located on the outskirts of the city, it is a joyful experience. They give villas on rent where you can go for an outing with family. They have lots of fun activities like zorbing, sumo wrestling, darts, cycling and other adventure sports. These activities are in the open area so you can enjoy them when it is not raining. If it rains, you can enjoy their indoor zones where they have bowling, pool, dance and other family entertainment activities. They have great kids play area where the children can enjoy the park along with their numerous swings, games and slides.Do go there for a picnic or a leisure outing with the family if you haven’t been there yet.

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If you know of more such fun things to do, write to us at neha.kejriwal@mycity4kids.com

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