Let it Rain! 12 Fun Things to do in Mumbai this Monsoon
|   Jul 14, 2016
Let it Rain! 12 Fun Things to do in Mumbai this Monsoon

Mumbai monsoon, whether you love it or hate it there’s no getting away from being thankful, bracing yourself for it and eventually enjoying it to the fullest. While that amazing smell or petrichor that often wafts through the air when rain hits dry ground acts as a cue for bahjias, chai and a good book, when there are children around you may want to try some or all of these monsoon fun options: 

Watch the raging sea from one of the city’s most iconic spots

Take your child on a special date for the exclusive high tea buffet to the Sea Lounge at the Taj Mahal Palace. English delicacies, Mumbai street food, exotic teas and coffees, champagne, cocktails and a superb dessert spread are what make the menu special. Sit by the windows overlooking the harbour and the Gateway of India, listen to the live piano music and be mesmerised by 19th century charm. This is the right season for cloudy skies, silver linings and dramatic sunsets.

Bite into succulent bhutta

With the arrival of the rains, corn on the cob or bhutta comes right along too. Every sea side promenade like Marine Drive; Priyadarshini Park; Bandstand and Carter Road in Bandra; and Worli sea face have vendors offering roasted bhutta. Get your rain wear out, select your preferred promenade and enjoy a stroll in the rain.

There’s nothing like hot chocolate on a rainy day

If you’re thinking, ‘I can make hot chocolate,’ you’re right. Every parent knows how to make hot chocolate but when it’s the most incredible cuppa that you are after, the one that will have your child spilling all his or her secrets and waiting to go back for more then you know it is special. Try the La Folie Patisserie Chocolat Chaud which is their signature hot chocolate melange of 70% Venezuelan chocolate and spices.

For more details, please click here.

Bored of home board games? Go to Creeda

(Image courtesy: Creeda from their website)

Creeda Board Game Café is the city’s first board game café where you can play top international board games at an hourly rate and enjoy interesting food too. There are games for all ages like light strategy games, rookie games, party games, couple friendly games, classic games and games for children. The assistants are really helpful with explaining the rules of the game if you are not sure how to go about it.

For more details, please click here.

Go on a nature trail in Mumbai’s National Park

The Mumbai city forest, Sanjay Gandhi National Park, has many options available to entice you

to visit and explore. There’s the Fragrance Garden that was designed by landscape artist Suhas Joshi. This garden has 58 plus species of fragrance giving plants and these attract many of the 170 butterfly species that call the park their home. The other exciting option available at the National Park is tented air conditioned accommodation in the forest. Nisarg Paryatak Niwas with its green canvas tents will give you an ‘on-safari’ feel. You can be based here and try out the various activities in the park.

For more details, please click here.

Introduce your child to the joys of a monsoon trek

The hills truly come alive during the monsoons. The varied hues of green, streams, waterfalls, mist and delightfully cool temperature makes trekking a fun activity. If you can, avoid Sunday treks as that’s when most routes get crowded with picnickers and traffic getting into the city could ruin an otherwise beautiful day.

For list of treks you can consider please click here.

Go waterfall spotting

On a recent trip to a location about 40 kilometres from Karjat we spotted close to 100 waterfalls from a single vantage point. Waterfalls are beautiful, powerful and magical to watch. If you want to head out waterfall hopping, please click here for the information you need.

Indulge in a no tech, family time only mini vacation

Knock off city stress by heading to a resort or hill station getaway. Check out options for monsoon fun resorts here and here and hill station destinations here.

Shop for fun rain gear

Back to school shopping is done. It’s time now to have some fun and go shopping for rain wear that makes a fashion statement. For all you need to know on where to look and what to look for please click here.

Don’t miss a trip to Kaas plateau

The Kaas plateau is known as Maharashtra’s Valley of Flowers and has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2012. The flowers are completely wild and the plants, bushes and shrubs that don’t grow taller than knee height sprout out of the fertile earth with the onset of the rains and then start flowering sometime between end August and early October. Every year the forest department comes up with guidelines about visiting that include where to park, how to get there, maximum number of visitors per day etc.

To know more about the beautiful Kaas plateau please click here.

Listen to the froggie choir

If you plan an overnight stay at Balaji Farms, Pali on a monsoon night you will almost definitely hear the various calls of the frogs and toads. These range from gentle croaks to scary loud sounds which when played together make for the most unusual sounds you may ever hear. The kids enjoy listening to the night sounds and then can even take a night stroll around the property with a good torch to try and spot the different kinds of frogs some of which are brightly coloured and pretty.

SCUBA pool sessions in the rain

Try the Discover SCUBA Diving (DSD) courses within the city at a pool with Lacadives or Orca Dive Club to know what it feels like to be weightless and to breathe under water. These introductory sessions will familiarise you and your child with terms, equipment etc. It’s really exciting to do this course in the monsoon months as the sight of raindrops falling into the pool viewed from the bottom is amazing. If you enjoy the session, you can go further, do a course and then plan a trip to a tropical paradise to explore coral reefs. Imagine the fun having your child as your dive buddy!  

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If you know of more such fun things, write to us at priya.fonseca@mycity4kids.com

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