Let the ‘Summer Holidays End’ Fun Begin at Hamleys!
|   Jun 01, 2015
Let the ‘Summer Holidays End’ Fun Begin at Hamleys!

It’s June, and back-to-school season is here. While the scorching heat would have not dampened your children’s holiday spirit, the transition from the fun boat to books could be a little daunting for them. That’s exactly where Hamleys Toy store comes to your rescue! Hamleys stores across the country are inviting all munchkins to join their ongoing ‘Summer Carnival’ and wrap up their holidays on a happy note.

With the thought of making the last leg of her summer vacation sun-sational, we took our daughter to Hamleys store yesterday. And boy, what a gala time she had there!

Even before we stepped into the store,  we were blown away by Hamleys’ display of a life size model of an animatronic T-Rex dinosaur, moving and roaring with all its might.  Perched on a low rise platform in an enclosure, this dinosaur looked as if it may spring to life at any moment. The dinosaur may give tiny tots a little scare, so just be a little cautious while taking them along for a closer view. A minute detail that captured my attention here was the plaque divulging the history of this gigantic animal for people to connect with what they are seeing. Very thoughtful, I would say.


We then moved to the store’s entrance, where we were greeted by a bubble man blowing soap bubbles. Needless to mention, he had the little ones bouncing and chasing around to the magic of these soapy globes. Those who have visited Hamleys earlier, may have observed that this place is always buzzing with excitement and is nothing short of a fantasy toy world for kids. So, you can imagine that the summer carnival only took its liveliness a notch higher!


Once inside the store, you can expect your children to leave your side and queue up for tattoo painting, caricature drawing and balloon art. While the tattoo artist will etch your children’s favourite animation character on their face or hands, the balloon sculptor will twist and turn the balloons to create rubbery animals and other colourful shapes. How I wish my daughter would have got her caricature done! Nevertheless,  7-8 year old visitors seemed quite interested and sat patiently through the entire caricature drawing. There was even a clown roaming around the store, shaking hands and posing for pictures with the children.


Another highlight of the carnival was the ‘Come and Play’ stations, where children can spend time playing with toys and games. They can try their hands at drumming, magic drawing, air hockey and car racing, or hang around the LEGO corner to fiddle with the building bricks. Toddlers can cuddle soft toys, or squeal in delight while they watch toy frogs and fishes crawling in the water tubs.


Ajay, the store manager and the rest of the staff at Hamleys are very child-friendly and guide you around the store with pleasure. Krutika, who supervises marketing activities at the store, says, “At Hamleys, we believe in providing a holistic toy experience for children. So, we conduct creative workshops and entertaining events at regular intervals. We just don’t want to sell toys, we want children to come happy and leave happier.”

The bonus is that there are exclusive carnival offers on toys too. So, all those prized Hamleys toys are available at discounted prices for entire this week.

The Hamleys summer carnival will continue to welcome its visitors till 7th June between 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm on weekdays and 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm on weekends.


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