Let Your Daughters Dream! Vidya Balan's Dad Tells the World
|   Jun 19, 2017
Let Your Daughters Dream! Vidya Balan's Dad Tells the World

Vidya Balan is one talent powerhouse who has never shied away from expressing her own real, honest opinions. This Father’s Day, she celebrated in a unique way through a video that features her dad, Mr. P.R. Balan. She pays tribute to the man that he is, as he’s always stood up for her and has always been indifferent to her gender while supporting her dreams. By doing so, both she and her father make a strong statement on gender quality.

The actor has always been known for the unconventional choices she’s made, whether it’s her non-nonsense, practical approach to film making, her traditional fashion choices or the blunt and honest statements she’s made about holding her own in a traditionally male dominated industry.

On Father’s Day, a softer side of her emerged, as her father reminisced about the period he had lost his job and it was Vidya who comforted him and was his emotional anchor through those tough times.

Mr. Balan, no stranger to strong women himself, being brought up by a single mother in an oestrogen filled household consisting of his three sisters as well, spoke about the influence his grandmother had on him & in shaping his thoughts.

Calling his daughters Vidya and Priya his two eyes, he also emphasized that no girl should think herself lesser than any boy and should never accept the instilled notions of gender disparity that the society continues to feed.

Vidya herself spoke about their unconventional relationship and the tremendous influence her father has had on shaping her thoughts, giving force to her conviction and giving her the assurance and upliftment she needed to pursue her career as she felt suitable.

She also cited the incident wherein before signing the landmark film of her career, The Dirty Picture, she first spoke to her parents and made them understand the kind of skin-show the film needs and even held a family preview of the film to understand their reaction. Once they approved, she had no further qualms about doing the film and how it would be perceived.

(Video Courtesy: Mard Official on YouTube)

Released by the Population Foundation of India in association with Farhan Akhtar's MARD (Men Against Rape and Discrimination), the video is part of its campaign to end violence against women and girls titled 'Bas Ab Bahut Ho Gaya' - Enough is Enough!’

This video is one of the best we at mycity4kids have ever seen on gender sensitization that also explains very beautifully the importance of encouragement from parents on a child’s life!

Image Courtesy:  www.thebollywoodlife.com

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