Live smart at 40+ - Tips and tricks to stay healthy & beautiful
|   May 20, 2015
Live smart at 40+ - Tips and tricks to stay healthy & beautiful

As you grow, your body too changes. Your bravado and devil-may care attitude of the 20’s has matured to a more patient attitude. Earlier, you wondered what kind of a mother you will make and today you know you make a damn good one. The kids have taught you patience, have taught you to love with an intensity that often may bring tears to your eyes, and taught you to be a lot more accepting of life’s knocks. Earlier, you were goal-oriented and career-minded, but today you enjoy every sunset you get the time off to watch. Earlier, your parents were young too; today they may need more conscious attention than ever before- a simple call to them means a lot, so you need to make that time too.

At this age, we have so many different people depending on us, that often, we tend to ignore our own health and our own needs. We still believe we are as invincible as we were when we were in our 20’s and 30’s, despite the weight gain (and glasses :) ) that we have accumulated over the years. We salute you, and we care enough to remind you to slow down a little, to be selfish a little.

Because you need to be there for your family and friends, we urge you to look after yourself. A lot more than what you have been doing. Menopause and pre-menopause creates lower estrogen levels which may also lower your metabolic rate, the rate at which the body converts stored energy into working energy. This increases fat storage​, combine it with a lower level of exercise in your daily life and you ​gain weight! Even your energy used during exercise declines. To burn the same energy as in the past and control your weight, you may need to increase the amount of time and intensity of your exercising, no matter what your past activity levels were.

If we do not prioritize our own health and needs, no one else will. Let’s make a resolution to be the Smart 40+ SHE who makes life wonderful not just for the people around her but also HERSELF.

Here are a few tips to LIVE SMART for the 40+ WOMAN

– Run an entire set of blood tests atleast once a year.

– Supplement your deficiencies generously , don’t hesitate to add pills if recommended.

– Boost your immunity levels with added antioxidants such as Vitamins A, C, E and D as your immune system goes weaker with age.

– Keep your waistline slimmer than you were in your 30s , approaching menopause can make a huge difference to your metabolism and in turn your weight.

– Take extra care for your skin, hair and nails. Brittle nails, wrinkles, sagging skin and hair thinning are common in your 50s so beware and do the needful at your earliest.

– Deworm, Detoxify and Destress atleast once a month. This keeps your body and mind at complete ease.


Must have super foods at 40+ include food for heart, bones, blood, skin and immunity.

– Olives
– Extra virgin Coconut Oil
– Deep Sea Fish
– Seasonal Fresh Fruits
– Chlorophyll rich natural juices
– Wheat grass and Aloe Vera juices
– Seeds and Berries
– Miso and Tofu
– Organic Egg whites
– White or Green Tea


Make time for a favorite activity you always wished to do – a sport, art, creativity etc. this is your de-stress.

Make me-time an essential part of your daily routine, it’s the best de-stress your can give yourself. A cup of Green Tea with soft music or the birds chirping can make your day blissful.

Stay Active. Most of us are, but practicing it in the right way becomes an effective workout. Use walking shoes more often than heels, take larger steps, climb the stairs when possible instead of the elevator. Add fitness to your lifestyle.

Spend quality time with your family and loved ones because personal happiness is beyond measure.

Stay beautiful and healthy always. Stay iPink

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