Man Dangles a Toddler from 15th Floor Window to Get Facebook Likes
|   Jun 27, 2017
Man Dangles a Toddler from 15th Floor Window to Get Facebook Likes

People turn to social media to post their photos or updates and basically ‘show-off’ their life to their friends and family. The more likes they get, the more popular they feel. However, when the ‘likes’ becomes an obsession, it has the propensity to threat the existence of any human being.

This mania for the ‘likes’ recently almost cost a toddler his life for the no folly of his. In an inexcusable incident that has created a social media outrage, a man dangled this toddler out of the window of a 15th floor apartment for Facebook likes. He held the kid by his shirt in one hand and held his phone in the other to capture this dreadful stunt. The caption read as “1000 likes or I will drop him”.

The incident took place in Algeria and was soon reported to the police by the Facebook viewers who demanded the arrest of this man for child abuse. Earlier, the news had surfaced that this man was the child’s father. Later, he was identified as a relative (cousin) of the child. However, he denied the allegation, saying that he had clicked the pictures in a balcony which had protective barriers, but the social media users had photo shopped it to make it appear unsafe.

Another shocking fact about this episode is that the tot’s father requested the court to let off the man as he had been simply fooling around with no malice intention! Fortunately, the court had a different viewpoint and ruled against the offender, stating that it clearly looked from the picture that the child’s life was in danger. The man was sentenced to two years in prison.

While the man has been rightfully punished for his felony, we wonder what were the parents or other caretakers, if present at the time of the incident, doing?  Why didn’t they stop the man? Or, did they leave the baby alone in the man’s care because he was trustworthy and could have never anticipated in their wildest nightmares something like this happening? If the father of the child was seeking forgiveness for the man responsible for this act, it seems that he could be a close relative.

The complete facts about the family are unknown. But, it breaks our heart to imagine what the little one must have been through.

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