Mother Puts Her Kidney for Sale on Social Media to Pay for Children’s School Fees
|   Jun 06, 2017
Mother Puts Her Kidney for Sale on Social Media to Pay for Children’s School Fees

Aarti Sharma, a resident of Agra and mother of four children – three girls and one son, wants to educate her children, but doesn’t have money to pay school fees. Her husband doesn’t earn enough to meet the expenses of a family of nine members, let alone fund children’s education. She says that since she didn’t get any assistance from her relatives, school oradministrative authorities, she has put up her kidney for sale as the last resort. Or else, her children will have to discontinue their studies. She feels that selling a kidney is a better option than committing suicide.

In her handwritten letter posted on posted on the social media with the help of a social organization, she has offered to sell her kidney. She also mentions that the government is not doing much about ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’ initiative either.

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After her desperate plea, several organizations have expressed their interest to come to her rescue, but the monetary assistance still eludes her. In fact, she has alleged that one of the organizations handed over a cheque of Rs25,000 to her, and even clicked a picture with her for the same, only to take back the cheque!

Aarti’s daughters aspire to become IAS officers; it would be unfortunate to seethem and thousands of children like them drop out from the school.

The data from the Ministry of Human Resources Development shows that the national dropout rate is 4.34 percent at the primary level and 17.86 percent at the secondary level. Should we put the blame on the ineffectiveness of our education system? It is a known fact that the Indian education structure needs serious reforms. The government is doing their bit, but clearly there is a strong need for more robustefforts in this direction.

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We hope that Aartisoon gets the right help and is alsoexploring other options such as understanding the Right to Education Act, shifting her children to a low-fee/free education school, reaching out to NGOs or taking up a job herself.

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