Move Up The Ladder: Why Should Your Rank Be Important To You?
|   May 24, 2016
Move Up The Ladder: Why Should Your Rank Be Important To You?

Have you been wondering about the strange number on your profile picture?

That is Your Rank.

The number which defines your blogging position at

Here’s all you want to know about mycity4kids blogger ranking system!

How is your rank calculated?

It is calculated on the basis of two key variables:

  • Total articles contributed & the frequency with which you post your articles.
  • Total number of page views to your articles.

How can you improve your rank?

  • Maintain Regularity: Be consistent in your blogging. Share your articles regularly. You can adopt your own trend but posting one article every two weeks helps maintain a great rank.
  • Promotions: Promote your article on all the Facebook groups that you are part of and to your friends & family. We’ve sent you the secret mega list in our last mailer.

You can increase your page views by:

  • Interlinking your article to other pages within your blog. Here is how Kanika links hers and the other author’s blogs in her articles.
  • Responding to blog comments – Yours and others where relevant.

Why should it matter?

Your rank determines how well your blog is doing at It is our point of reference when we are compiling a list of bloggers to work on particular brands. In addition to your personal profile, your rank helps us offer you additional content creation for which you can actually get paid.

Happy parenting!!

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