Movie Review: Big Hero 6
|   Dec 04, 2014
Movie Review: Big Hero 6

In a nutshell: Big Hero 6 is a great animated movie to be enjoyed by people of all ages. It has a good, emotional story with interesting characters, superb East – West combined animation, and you’ll keep chuckling from start to end.

It’s not often that Eastern and Western cultures come together and make a spectacular…well, anything. Whether a movie, game, comic or TV show, there have been very few successful mash ups. Yet Big Hero 6 does all this successfully, along with lots, lots more.

The movie is set in San Fransokyo, which is a mix of San Francisco and Tokyo. It’s a futuristic city, with many robots everywhere. Technology is at new heights, and better than it ever was.

The film follows the story of 14 year old robot prodigy Hiro Hamada (Ryan Potter) who is, at the start, dismissive of his elder brother Tadashi’s “nerd school.” However, a subtle visit to the lab changes his mind and he also meets his brother’s friends. This group includes sharp-tongued and punk GoGo Tamago (Jamie Chung), well-built but wimpy Wasabi (Damon Wayans Jr.), goofy but gorgeous Honey Lemon (Genesis Rodriguez) and eccentric slacker dude with heart of gold Fred (T.J. Miller).

The star of the movie is, however, a robot built by Tadashi, named Baymax, “a personal medical companion” – in other words, a robot who scans and tells you what medical problems you’re suffering from. His exterior is built from soft vinyl, making him like a talking and walking marshmallow.  Big Hero 6 basks in his awkward yet fun to watch navigation of the pointy world he inhabits.

Baymax is over-attentive and nurturing like a parent, but hilariously naive and oblivious to his surroundings like a child, with a voice (Scott Adsit) that never deviates from genial, no matter the circumstance. He is a beautiful and pure creation, as Hiro himself gradually comes to recognize and love.

This is all fairly standard of a Disney movie, though. This was drawback in the film. It hardly explores new territory – but we can’t blame it for taking the option that has worked wonders for them in the past.

The film also explores the themes of loss, sacrifice, friendship, revenge and love. The story also has a surprisingly good mystery, whose conclusion will leave you a little startled. It looks dazzling, and the action sequences are amazing. So if you’re looking for a good family movie or even one just for laughs, look no further than Big Hero 6.

Note to parents: Children of any age can watch this, but some of the more complex themes in the movie (hatred and revenge) might be tough to understand.  Children above the age of 3 will enjoy this.

My score: 8.8/10

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