Must haves In a New Mum’s Diet
|   Oct 04, 2016

Life with a newborn is exhausting. But as all-consuming as caring for an infant can be, it's important to take care of the new mum too.

A mother's body undergoes many changes during pregnancy, as well as with the birth of her baby. Maintaining a healthy diet can help promote healing and recovery from childbirth and provide adequate energy required for all the baby chores.

Choosing healthy & nutritional foods – and following a few simple eating strategies – will help keep the new mother stay fit and energized through the busy days and nights.

Dietician and Nutrition Counselor Tina Sapra; RD, MPH, CLE (USA) American Dietetic Association and Former Senior Nutritionist, Fortis; talks about the ‘Must Haves in A New Mum’s Diet’ in this episode of MOMSPRESSO. She stresses on the importance of a balanced diet for a new mother which is a good mix of carbohydrates, proteins & other such essential nutrients.



Routinely eating healthy foods throughout the day will maximize the little energy you probably have as a new mom.


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