My Baby’s First Words
|   Oct 26, 2016
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How did you feel when your baby‘s cooing turned into his first words? Words sure are not enough to describe that feeling right!

Your baby's first words are an exciting milestone, and one that you probably most anxiously wait for. What will he speak first – will it be ‘mama’ or ‘papa’? Whatever be the words, when spoken by the baby first time, it is music to the ears! 

Sometimes, baby’s first words are more surprising and beautiful than anyone would ever expect. And some that will make your heart melt!

Here’s a small compilation of mothers talking about their babies’ first words. Catch the sparkle in their eyes as they excitedly talk about this milestone of their baby’s growth in this episode of MOMSPRESSO.

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Motherhood is a beautiful yet exhausting journey, full of many interesting and overwhelming incidents. 'MOMSPRESSO' is just that - all the incidents, expressions, discussions, expert's views, comical aspects, parenting bumps and milestones that will help you along on your parenting journey. Stay tuned to mycity4kids to have a laugh, learn some MORE parenting gyan, and to share in the journey of the toughest job in the world-Motherhood!

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