Nursery Admission, Delhi - A Mission Impossible
|   Aug 10, 2015
Nursery Admission, Delhi -  A Mission Impossible

There has been always a hullabaloo about nursery admissions in Delhi. The tragedy, ‘You don’t choose a school for your child, the school chooses you.’ Worse. In case you are a migrant to this metro and have no schools in your neighborhood, you not only loose on vicinity points, but also alumni and inter-state transfer points (after the circular in 2014).

So, what to expect and how to go about applying for schools for your child:

Age criteria: The minimum age has been set at 3 years for nursery and 6 years for Class 1.

Point System: Overall, the point system has 5-6 heads. Neighbourhood, Alumni, Sibling, Girl/First Child, Single Parent, Staff Ward. Rest are additional criteria laid by schools at their own discretion. This point system is not applicable to NCR schools.

Unaided Private Schools: These schools are free to follow their own criterion for admissions. But many schools do take a combination method. First, they screen the applications as per government norms and then go for lottery. Also, alongside they interact with parents’ for nursery admissions.

Aided Private Schools: They have to strictly follow the government norms, concerning age criteria, point system and no interview is allowed.

Board: This is completely at the discretion of the parents’ which board they want to choose and henceforth the school. Mostly, Delhi schools follow CBSE, ICSE board, nevertheless there are schools which follow IB and IGCSE boards as well.

The neighbourhood criterion is the one that holds the major bulk in the point system. In Delhi, there are areas where there are no schools at all in and around 8 kms. And some areas have schools every 1-2 kms. Hence, keep in mind the most important factor- neighbourhood. For your information, the Delhi school admissions start around the mid week of December every year, kindly check individual school websites for more information.

Also, factor in the schools in NCR. Rather, I would suggest applying for schools in NCR, taking into account the risk factor associated with Delhi schools. There are many good schools, which are technologically more advanced, believes in modern teaching and with better campus area.  

If you are worried about the distance, trust me it doesn’t make much of a difference, considering covering 5-8 kms in Delhi takes about 45mins with the traffic. Also, the transportation provided by the NCR schools are highly equipped, safe and child friendly. For your information, the NCR school admissions start in August every year, kindly check individual school websites for more information.

But, nevertheless if you still want your child to go to any of the Delhi schools despite the fact that you haven’t got admission.

1. Firstly, take admission where you have earned one, and then freeze on the school you want your child to attend in Delhi.

2. Get in touch with the management of the desired school and share your concerns. If there is any back out or a vacant seat, may be you stand a chance, but that’s very rare and extremely difficult, if you could only dazzle them.

3. Or else, the schools do conduct tests for higher grades, Class-1 onwards, wherein admissions are completely based on merit, don’t miss on that opportunity. Prepare yourself and your child for the coming years’.

A gentle reminder, while selecting a school, keep in mind what the school has in store for your child, is it really in sync with your child’s aptitude? Speak to the teachers, students of the school, talk to parents’ of different schools and clear your doubts, review the schools thoroughly or may be do a SWOT analysis. But, do not just go by the name it has carried over years. Take an informed and alert decision.

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