On Their 68th Anniversary, This Couple Still Looks Like Newlyweds on a Honeymoon!
|   Jun 22, 2017
On Their 68th Anniversary, This Couple Still Looks Like Newlyweds on a Honeymoon!

Once in awhile, in the middle of ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale! That’s exactly what you’ll feel like, on looking at Ollie and Donald King of Lincoln County, Kentucky and their gorgeous photoshoot on the eve of their 68th anniversary. 

Ollie, 83, and Donald, 87 still look into each other’s eyes as a pair of newlyweds do, and admire each other exactly like they did at their wedding, 68 years ago! That’s a long time to be married, and they decided to celebrate this with a special photoshoot at their Lincoln County, Kentucky farm where they’ve lived, grown and prospered for the last 30 years. 

Their love, so pure and so strong has reflected beautifully in the photoshoot, which was shared on the Love What Matters Facebook page and has since then received over 25,000 reactions with 4000+ shares as well! 

The ace behind these gorgeous pictures, photographer, Paige Franklin, commented, “There have been times in my career that I sat back after a session and thought ‘WOW, I really love my job.’ This was one of THOSE times!” 

During the photoshoot, when Donald was asked what was the one thing he was most proud of Ollie for, he looked at her fondly and replied “There really isn’t just one thing. She’s just amazing all around!” 

The couple, who were called two of the most kind hearted souls by the photographer, have three children and five grandchildren, and are as happy as ever staying on their farm, performing their everyday tasks with a joyous attitude that belies their age. 

Very religious and extremely God-fearing, Ollie and Donald have never spent a night apart from one another, and believe the secret of their longevity is their utmost love and belief in each other. 

In the photographs, the couple holds each other and stares lovingly into each other’s eyes as they sit on a quilt that Ollie sewed “many years ago.” 

Thank you Ollie and Donald for reminding us of what truly matters and that true love does exist! Team mycity4kids wishes you a very Happy Anniversary!

Picture Courtesy: Love What Matters on Facebook 

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