|   Aug 26, 2015
Due to an overwhelming response, we have decided to announce 10 Winners (instead of 5).  Here are the winners to the contest:
Brinda Rana for her article:  Being A Sibling To Our Only Child
Anupama Jain for her article: Same Page Parenting? Really!
Nidhi Ramakant  for her article:Raising STRONG “Girls”
Namrata Dhamankar-Jadhav for her article:Parenting'-A Big Fat Affair
Mallika Ramachandran for her article:Mrs Mom...Meet Mr Dad. # Parenting From The Same Page
Namrata Sadhvani for her article:I Fell In Love With My Husband AFTER Having Kids
Shazman Shariff for her article:He Cared...It Showed
Swati Verma for her article:You Stood By Me When I Failed As A Mother

Congratulations to all the Winners !!! You have won a Family Portfolio Photo Shoot.
Thank you for the fabulous response.You can now tell us how the mycity4kids Family Organizer App can help you in #ParentingFromTheSamePage and win some Family Time with Travel vouchers worth Rs. 1,00,000/-
-5 grand prizes worth Rs. 15,000/- each
-Confirmed vouchers of Rs. 2500/- with every entry.

Here is the brief to the Contest for which our bloggers wrote so enthusiastically

It is easy in theory but very difficult in practice for both the Mom and the Dad to be in sync with the greatest of undertakings – RAISING A FAMILY. It is a sometimes funny and sometimes frustrating journey to actually arrive on the same page. We are talking about the concept of ‘equally shared parenting’ as a couple; realizing the balanced responsibility to raise your children.***** The Contest has ended on 10TH SEPT, 2015  MIDNIGHT . Thank you for your participation. *****
You've struggled for over two hours, cleaning up, changing clothes, reading bedtime stories and have finally settled the children into bed. But before you can heave a sigh of relief, the doorbell rings loudly and your spouse walks in after a long day at work and of course, wants to say hello to the kids - 'So what if they sleep 10 minutes late one day!' Sounds familiar? 
Share your experiences, thoughts and desires on the subject in our Blogger Contest celebrating #ParentingFromTheSamePage

You can write about any aspect of the tough but important job of #ParentingFromTheSamePage. Here are some ideas-
-The arrival of the first child throws many previously equal partners into inequality. 
-Understanding the need of sharing this responsibility of parenting, right down to the middle.
-The idea of your spouse holding your hand when the doctor pokes your little one with a needle.
-The thorny issues of child rearing being handled together by both the parents.
-Ensuring that your hubby stands by you, applauding your little one’s first performance on stage.
-Different values which might be complementary to each other, rather than in conflict being showcased together towards the child.
-Different Styles of parenting – tiger moms or helicopter parents but both being parents to that one child.
-Letting go of the need to be everything to your child, and = releasing control of your child’s life to the partnership of the two parents instead.
So vent your frustrations and voice your concerns in your next blog post and give impetus to the whole concept of #ParentingFromTheSamePage.
We will continue to promote all the contest entries and page views will be taken into account till 17th Sept.
The results will be announced on the 22nd of Sept.
It's Hard to Be on the ‘Same Page’ but it’s important.
We take this opportunity to launch our Picture Blog too. Check out a new way to create articles while adding a blog post.
1. Login to your blog.
2. Add a blog post or a picture blog.
3. Multiple entries are allowed. Every article is an individual entry and will not be combined for the contest.
4. Must add the tag:  ParentingFromTheSamePage in the article. 
5. Your article must be a minimum of 300 words.
6. Participation prizes will be given to all. One prize will be given per blogger based on Individual article page views, in case of multiple entries.
7. Grand prize of Family Portfolio Photo Shoot to be won by the Top 5 Blog Posts based on individual article page views and editorial recommendations.
8. Strict action will be taken against plagiarism. Blog entries with content copied from any source online or in print, will be barred from the contest.
9. Participants can share their entries on their social media pages along with the chosen hash tags and tag @mycity4kids to increase their page views.
10. Only those blog posts published at between the 26th of August and 10th of Sept, 2015 will be applicable for the contest.
11. Refrain from increasing the number of page views by clicking on the link from the same laptop or computer. This may result in the cancellation of your participation.
If you have not already done so, create your blog here, share memories/anecdotes/tales through pictures and content and WIN PRIZES UPTO Rs. 50,000.

All letters, articles or blog posts received till midnight of 10thSept, 2015 will be eligible to win the Grand Prize of a Family Portfolio Photo Shoot by a leading professional studio specializing in family portraits in your city. Capture the most precious family moments and preserve them for a lifetime. Our only tip for you - -Write with your heart and rest assured, your love and regard will clearly reflect in your writing. 
Details for the Grand Prize:
A modern professional family portfolio will include:
1. Scheduling a photo shoot with a professional photographer.
2. A candid photo shoot of the entire family to have the best emotions captured unless, of course,  you have a specific theme in mind.
3. Digital photos, all edited professionally.
4. Hard copies of the photographs of your choice.
5. Edited photos from the shoot to maintain consistency of the album to be delivered.
6. Shoot can be scheduled by you and the photographer.   

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