Phoo...Make A Wish! Best Birthday Cakes In Kolkata
|   Mar 04, 2016
Phoo...Make A Wish! Best Birthday Cakes In Kolkata

Birthdays are always special, all the more when you are little. Here is a list of bakers famous in Kolkata for their awesome creations. Have a look and find out for yourself.

Bon Appetit

For the last 8 years Rahul Arora has strived to ensure that he provides healthy food options to his customers. Quite popular among the younger crowd for the innovative and healthy options, Rahul bakes only on order. His cakes are unique as they are made from only natural ingredients. As he bakes for kids he is particular about not using any artificial flavours or colourings in his cakes.

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Her Majesty’s Patisserie

Reshma Nilofer Naha, originally from Chennai is a Home Baker. Working in the Kolkata Port Trust she has turned her passion for baking into a full fledged job. She specialises in Organic, Millet cookies and Garlic Breads besides the classic cupcakes and cuptails (boozy cupcakes)! She bakes customised birthday cakes on customer requests. Her inspiration to turn to baking is ensure healthy and tasty baked food for all!

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In Good Taste

Aditi has been baking for 12 years now and does customised cakes on order. Customers are provided not just with a wide range of flavours for the fillings but also given options for sugar-free, gluten-free, organic, etc cakes! An added bonus they also arrange for workshops to keep kids engaged during birthday parties!

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Krazy for Chocolates

The name captures the essence of what Manju Sethia had in mind when she began baking professionally 7 years ago. Her chocolates and desserts do drive one crazy! Kids and Chocolates - recipe for satisfaction; not to mention super energized! Krazy for chocolates offers customised cakes to cater to varied customer needs across numerous outlets in Kolkata now. The key focus is on 100% vegetarian cakes.

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Mrs. Magpie

Sohini Basu has in 3.5yrs built up quite a reputation in the city. Offering a range of 14-15 flavours in cakes (which is huge – ranging from caramel in chocolate to marshmallows in chocolate!) the decorations are customised as per the customer’s requests. The detailing in her cakes are minute and awe inspiring to say the least!

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Teatime Bakes

Amrita Gupta baked initially as a passion for friends and family. With an overwhelming response she then turned to professional baking. The essence of Teatime Bakes is to provide its customers with customised cakes with the purest of ingredients. What you get with your cake order here is a product which is purely home-made.

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