Plant a Tree! Nurture the Nature Lover in Your Child in Ahmedabad
|   Sep 04, 2016
Plant a Tree! Nurture the Nature Lover in Your Child in Ahmedabad

Children are the youth of tomorrow and what they imbibe today will shape the world they will live in. Just as education is important in shaping their future, sensitizing them towards nature and environment is as critical.  

To help you to nuture the love of nature in your child, we have identified things to do and places where you can visit with your child. Some organisations which are committed and actively involved in educating children about nature have also been highlighted.Happy Reading!!

Set out on nature trail with Respire Experiential Learning

Location:H-708, Titanium City Center, Anandnagar Road, Satellite, Ahmedabad

Age group: 5 – 15 years

Respire Experiential Learning was started by Monica Yadav in 2014 to make foundation level education more hands on. Her initiative got widely publicised and led her to be invited to the World’s Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting at Davos in 2015, where she was the youngest participant that year.

Respire Experiential Learning is involved in hands on learning in the field of science, in an attempt to make science easy and fun. They work with school, kids, parents and business organisations. Apart from science programs, they also conduct nature trails and educational tours from time to time to educate children on various aspects of environment and nature.

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Visit the Sundarvan

Location: Sundarvan, S.M.Road, Jodhpur Tekra, Ahmedabad

Age Group: For all

Sundarvan is a nature discovery centre located right in the heart of Ahmedabad city.It is an activity centre of CEE (Centre for Environment Education), Ahmedabad. Sundarvan is very popular among kids and adults alike and regularly hosts nature trails, environment education programs and field activities in its campus. For schools in the city, they organise specially designed one-day programmes for introducing and reaffirming concepts related to nature and environment.

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Plant a tree and more importantly nurture it

Along with your kid, take part in tree plantation drive happening in Ahmedabad by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and other institutions.

Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation specially encourages children to be a part of the drive as it inculcates environment education and gives first hand training. It has launched a SMS service as well as mobile App wherein one can send their name, address, type of plants and number of plants one wishes to have and AMC will facilitate the tree plantation without any charge. The important part is that AMC takes a commitment letter from the interested citizen that they will nurture the sapling till it develops in a tree.

Visit their website for details about its plantation drives in the city and how you can be a part of it.

Visit the Serenity Library

Location: Serenity Botanical Park, Plot No 96/12, Koteshwar Village, P.O.Motera, Gandhinagar – 30 minutes from Ahmedabad

Age Group: For all

To appreciate plants and nature, a visit to the Serenity Library can be made which is a botanical garden and nature library away from the hustle bustle of the city. Spread over 10 acres, it houses a herbarium and a wide collection of seeds. Water bodies in the premises attract wetland birds and harbours aquatic plants. Their botanical garden which consists of a butterfly garden, rockery garden, herbal and vegetable garden will immensely amaze kids. It is a haven for photography enthusiasts. The premise has a spacious cafeteria and overnight camping facility as well.

For school children nature walks, birding trails and botany trails are regularly organised. Various events and talks on nature, wildlife, biodiversity and waste management by eminent naturalists and environmentalists are also held on a regular basis.

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Get inspired by World Around You (WAY) 

Address: 8, Nila Apartments, Bhaikaka Nagar, Thaltej, Ahmedabad

Founders: Prakshal Mehta, Wricha Johari

World Around You was conceived in 2007 by two young believers in sustainable development and how environment communication can be used as a medium to achieve so.

Among its various notable activities, ‘WAY – Everything Connects’ is an Environment Communication Program specially targeted to kids, school students and teachers. The program is spread over a period of 3 years starting from 5th standard and finishes when the child completes 7th standard. This behavioural change program aims to inculcate environmental manners at an early stage and establish relationships among the elements of their environment. WAY is also actively involved in ‘Green Ahmedabad Campaign’ where prominent schools, individuals and organisations are involved through various activities emphasising the importance of trees.

Another noteworthy initiative of WAY which has got global recognition is it’s ‘Pen Pals’ project. Pen Pals is a waste up-cycling project where used pens are collected and developed into utility products which can be used in homes, offices and public places.

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Trip to the Indroda nature park

Location: Geer Foundation, Deer Park, Indroda Village, Gandhinagar (30 kms from Ahmedabad)

Timings: 8.00 am 6.00 pm

Open: Tuesday to Sunday

Entry Fees: Nominal

Spread over 1.7 sq km, Indroda Nature Park houses a dinosaur museum, zoo, botanical garden, amphitheatre, interpretation centre and has camping facilities. It is the only dinosaur museum in the country and is considered to be the second largest hatchery of dinosaur eggs in the world. The park contains massive life-size models of dinosaurs and real skeletons of sea mammals like the blue whale. The dinosaurs are displayed with all the information such as their age, behaviour pattern and their origins.

The botanical garden houses over 300 tree species of different agro-climatic zones, a green house, a cacti house containing over 200 species of cacti and a medicinal plant garden with 250 medicinal plant species. Vehicles are not allowed inside the park and it can be explored by walking around or by cycling. Visitors can bring their own bicycles or hire sports bicycles, which are available at a nominal rate by the hour.

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Learn about Bonsai at the Bonsai Club of Ahmedabad

Location: 22, Laxminagar Society, Opp. D.K.Patel Hall, Naranpura, Ahmedabad

Contact person: Mr. Parag Mehta

Bonsai is a Japanese art form which involves growing miniature trees in containers. Though this technique of plant cultivation is not intended for production of food or medicines, it has great aesthetic appeal and kids will love to know about it.

Bonsai Club of Ahmedabad was established in 2007 with a meagre 3 members and today it has over 100 active members who maintain over 250 Bonsai plants in Ahmedabad.The activities of Bonsai club include organising regular Bonsai workshops, teachinglandscaping in pots, terrarium, kokedama art and undertaking landscaping contracts on a professional basis.They propagate the unique idea of gifting a plant on various occasions. They have specific plants for different occasions such as birthday, marriage anniversary, Diwali, Christmas, Environment Day and so on. They also provide plants on rent. Every year they organise a huge display cum exhibition of their private collection of over 500 plants and Bonsai, which could be a sight to behold for the nature lovers.

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Go on a nature expedition with Diving Deep

Age group: 8 years and above

Diving Deep is an Ahmedabad based group that conducts ‘nature connection’ activities by way of nature walks, hiking, trekking and multifarious gathering for people of all age group. Their main activity is to promote ecotourism across Gujarat by indulging in nature sports where the participants connect with the natural world. The activities and games revolve around appreciating wildlife, nature, folklore, culture and heritage of the local community.

During the tours, they encourage the participants to not use cell-phone and gadgets in an attempt to experience nature fully without botheration. Also their ‘leave no trace’ principle instils responsibility towards nature among the participants.

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Learn about herbal gardens from Shashwat - Ahmedabad

Address: 32, Nareshwar Bungalows, Janta Nagar Road, Ghatlodia, Ahmedabad

Shashwat is an NGO based at Ahmedabad and primarily works in the field of environment, education and entertainment for mainly people belonging to economically and socially backward class, rural people and women.

Shashwat is also actively involved to educate school students about various aspects of nature. They work in collaboration with the Government of Gujarat and conduct awareness programs on nature and wildlife at schools. The children are made aware of the importance of plants, forests in their lives, use of various medicinal plants, biodiversity, endangered species of plants and animals and reason of extinction and so on. They also develop herbal gardens at school campus and provide children learning on nursery development, identification of plants and knowledge of Ayurveda. Eco-friendly practices such as making compost from bio waste, maintaining hygiene and importance of sanitation are also stressed upon.

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Visit the institutions with lush green campuses in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is home to various prestigious national institutions such as IIM (Indian Institute of Management), NID (National Institute of Design), CEPT (Centre of Planning and Technology), CEE (Centre for Environment Education) which not only have lush green campuses but also run various campaigns and programs on environment and nature. A visit can be planned to these institutions and learn about their green cover and various initiatives on nature and environment. For instance, CEE regularly organises school visits to their campus and share their initiatives and knowledge over the years. Among various websites it hosts for different target groups, Kidsrgreen is specially targeted for children and has green games, facts and trivia, an online club where children can share their thoughts, poems and paintings on nature and attractive downloads.

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