Plant a Tree! Nurture the Nature Lover in Your Child in Delhi-NCR
|   Sep 04, 2016
Plant a Tree! Nurture the Nature Lover in Your Child in Delhi-NCR

Do you always fancy watching your child enjoying the simple pleasures of nature-the rolling in the mud and chasing butterflies? But where is the space in the modern concrete jungle that we live in to indulge in such activities, even if there is, it so well-manicured that you would want to maintain a distance from it. mycity4kidsbrings you various resources to nurture the environment quotient in your kids and let them love nature in its rustic avatar. From planting trees to going on nature hikes and building a small mini-garden, the little tykes can be at their playful best while caring for the environment.  


Many groups in Delhi and NCR get together to explore the hidden and most serene sites of the city, be it a garden, a forgotten lake or a famous monument.An excellent way to get your children started to love nature, you experience nature in its true bounty by walking unexplored trails, knowing about the flora and fauna and even having a picnic-kind of bonding time.

Where: Delhi: Delhi by FootDelhi Heritage WalksINTACH and Let’s Walk Gurgaon


Various Non-profit organizations in the city have taken upon themselves to make the city greener. By planting various kind of plants and tree saplings, they start off this amazing cause. Volunteers from school children, college students to nature lovers, all participate in the green drives while getting to know a thing or two about nature as well. A wonderful gesture to do your bit for the environment.

Swechha India

This NGO apart from its many social works, conducts a green drive in monsoon every year by the name of Monsoon Wooding. Here they plant approximately 2000 trees in Delhi each year with great focus on cleanliness drives in communities across Delhi and NCR. They also conduct green walks to raise awareness about our environment and have even created Delhi’s first urban mini forest using native species at St Mary’s School, Dwarka. They are happy to take volunteers and provide them with basic facilities like transport etc.

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Government Nurseries

The government of India does its bit too in protecting the environment. Apart from the various plantation drives that we hear about or read in papers, there are dedicated govt. nurseries throughout the city which offer free samplings for plantations. You can pick them up and plant in any of the NDMC or district park on your own.

To know about the various government nurseries, please click here.

Online Tree Plantations


It is an initiative to plant trees at various barren sites and congenial environments of the city on people’s request. Tell them your reason for planting a tree, be it your child’s birthday, a benchmark in life, your anniversary or in remembrance of someone. They will plant a tree at a place of your choice and on your behalf. You can also start a “grove” by involving your friends and even create a mini urban forest. And for all this, you get a certificate too and proof in form of images and videos of the tree you planted. Volunteer with them to plant many such trees and bring a smile on someone’s face. They even have recognitions from the UN and WWF society.

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Plant your

You can plant trees on community or public lands and gift flowers, fruit, fodder and forest produce to communities and living creatures. They plant trees on your behalf for various occasions and keeping in mind the season and a particular habitat of a tree. They even have regular quality auditsto check the authenticity of the plantation.

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(Picture Courtesy: PS Anand)

How enchanting would it be to watch myriad birds in their abodes on a morning hour?Delhi sees over 800 species of migratory birds in a year and various organizations makes use of this brilliant opportunity to assist kids in birdwatching and bird photography while acquainting them with various species of birds, their habits and habitats. So grab your binoculars and go!

Where: Tours by Seek Sherpa and Delhi Bird Photographers


Get ready to dirty your hands for a cause while you have some fun too. Learn the basics of planning and running a kitchen garden or a mini garden- from seeding, weeding and harvesting to pest management and composting.You can even take away the sapling that you have planted to embrace your own garden. Children would love playing with mud and knowing about different fruits and vegetables, how they are grown and definitely about the various processes like photosynthesis and transpiration.

Children can also learn to make beautiful terrarium in a glass bowl with colorful pebbles and soils and keep it on their study-desks.

Where: Zorba the Buddha and Make your own Terrarium by Team Chamatkar


Mogly’s petting and vegetable farm spread across 4 acress is aexcellenent way to acuwaint children towards being sensitive to the flora and fauna. You can feed various animals here like sheep, donkeys, hen and ducks, take a stroll through the vegatble garden and even enjoy fresh food procured from their farms like makkiki roti and sarsonkasaag.

Where: 69, Aum Jay Farm, Brijwasan Near Kapeshera Redlight, Gurgaon

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