Pre-School Anxiety in Children
|   Aug 27, 2016

Are you the kind of Mom who sits nervously outside the preschool, contemplating whether or not to drive away? Or the one who expresses her frustration with her toddler’s daily morning tantrums?

If you have experienced it personally, or you’ve seen it or, at the very least, heard tales of the dreaded curse of separation anxiety children face while entering a pre-school, you know that getting into a new environment filled with unfamiliar people can cause anxiety for children -- and their parents!

In this episode of MOMSPRESSO, Dr. Rachna Singh; Psychologist and Lifestyle Expert, Artemis Hospital and Director, The Mind n Wellness Clinic; talks about ‘Pre-School Anxiety in Children’ and says that separation anxiety is very common in preschoolers, and suggests parents maintain their calm while encouraging toddlers to overcome their anxiety.

The first day of a preschool can be met with a mix of excitement and anxiety for kids and parents alike. Although it’s fun to embark on a new adventure and many preschoolers delight in the feeling of being ‘big’, change can be scary for little ones (and their worried parents). While this behavior is totally normal, particularly at fraught moments like school drop-off, it certainly isn't easy on parents.

Watch this video where Dr. Rachna shares some ideas on how to make your mornings seamless & reduce the pre-school stress and anxiety in children.

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